Toronto Abilities Expo

This year’s Abilities expo will be held in its normal venue the Toronto International centre at 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario On April 5, 6 & 7, 2019.

This is a free show that has, but does not require, prior registration. You’ll find many new products from a wide range of manufacturers in many fields beyond basic mobility.

Its hours of operation are 11:00 am to 5 pm Friday and Saturday and 11:00 to 4:00 pm.

For more information please visit:

New EZee Fold Folding Electric Wheelchairs

I’ve added a couple of new pages to the Mobility Basics website today about the two newest folding electric wheelchairs from EZee Life.

CH4070 Ultra-Light EZee Fold
CH4070 Ultra-Light EZee Fold

The CH4070 Ultra-light is an extremely lightweight power wheelchair intended for traveling around home and on most hard surfaces. I wouldn’t tr to use in snow, sand or even on a soft lawn but if you need a really light power wheelchair, this is it.

For more information visit:

CH4075 Heavy Duty EZee Fold

The CH4075 is at the opposite end of the scale in both weight capacity and size. It’s a heavy duty EZee Fold that has a 20″ x 20″ seat size and 500 pound weight capacity. With larger wheels and more powerful batteries this model has more possibilities in terms of terrains it will traverse.

For more information visit:


Children’s Rehab & Treatment Centres

I’ve added several pages of links to Canadian treatment centres and hospitals that may be of help for those who have children with disabilities or conditions requiring medical attention. The links are set up by province or territory and can be found in the pediatric section of the Mobility Basics website.

If you have an interest in where to find children’s services in Canada please visit our main pediatric page for a list of links.

New Article on Mobility Basics Website

Healthy LIving for Seniors
Healthy LIving for Seniors

I’ve just posted an article to our website provided by Karen Weeks of Elder Wellness that provides healthy aging advice for seniors.

The article provides information on maintaining and promoting physical and mental health as well as the importance and benefits of socializing in the golden years.

If you’re interested in reading this informative article please visit:

Aluminum Shower Commodes

155 Tilt Rehab Shower Commodde
155 Tilt Rehab Shower Commodde

I’ve just added two new pages to the site with information on the EZee Life Aluminum Rehab and the EZee Life Tilt Rehab Commodes. These commodes are available with a variety of options and se

veral seat widths to accommodate most  users.

The aluminum frames will not rust and will support weights up to 400 pounds depending on the model & size chosen.

These commodes have features found only on much more expensive commodes and are worth checking out for both residential and institutional use.

Anyone who may be interested in these commodes can find them at or

Abilities Expo is Back to Mississauga

Abilities Expo
Abilities Expo
The Abilities expo is back to the International Centre in Mississauga. Below is their flyer but if you want more information you can visit:

Accessible Halloween in Toronto

I got notice of this this morning in my email.

It’s a great idea for people with accessibility issues who would like to experience a halloween event in the Toronto area. This is a tour through a fully accessible haunted house.

I’ve quickly scanned their site and participation in this event is free of charge although donations will be happily accepted.

You can predetermine how scary and how much involvement you will have prior to starting the tour.

This event is for one night only and it is is very important to reserve a space for you and your friends. They are limited to one night and showing up without a reservation may lead to disappointment if they can’t fit you in.

For more information visit the Frolic’s Haunt website.

DNA Surgery

DNA Strand
DNA Strand

I came across a BBC article about a Chinese university who have successfully altered a human embryo DNA strand to remove a genetic disease.

They had a DNA strand with a defect that was known to cause the potentially life-threatening blood disorder beta-thalassemia

DNA consists of four different building blocks A, C, G and T strung together in various combinations. Apparently, as I understand it, this disease is caused by a single building block out of place among the millions of blocks that make up a DNA strand.  Continue reading “DNA Surgery”

Modular Ramp Ordering Information

A*Com Modular Ramp

I’ve recently had a large amount of interest shown in modular ramp systems and have written a new page in the Wheelchair Ramp section of the website providing information on specific modular ramp components and considerations that need to be taken into account when purchasing them.

The article provides a lot of information on how to determine length and slope of a ramp, modular or not. Components of the ramp and regulations surrounding installation and use of a modular ramp.

For those interested in this information it can be found on the new “Ordering Modular Ramp” page.

Dear Everybody

Dear Everybody is a new awareness campaign from the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital aiming to remove the stigma often attached to those having a disability and providing guidance for people who may have questions on how to interact with people with disabilities.

As Holland Bloorview is a children’s hospital they provide a lot of information on interacting with children with disabilities but the information also applies to adults as well.

I believe the information gathered at is of value to those with disabilities, those who regularly interact with people with disabilities and those who rarely interact with people with disabilities.

They’ve created several a number of tip sheets targeted at specific groups: Continue reading “Dear Everybody”