Website Compression

I’ve recently been looking at ways that I can improve the site for my visitors and improve the quality of the site. Enabling website compression is the first of these updates.


MobilityBasics website is now being compressed using gzip. Gzip for those who don’t know, or possibly care, is a compression system used to compress files including web pages and graphics.

I’m no expert in this but as I understand it when you try to access the Mobilitybasics website now your device will be notified that the site is available in a compressed form. If your device is capable of accessing a compressed web page it will display the compressed version. If you device cannot access a compressed page the original uncompressed page will be displayed on your device.

After some random testing it appears that the compressed version of the web site will reduce the bandwidth used by our visitors by 50% to 75%. For visitors who have capped data levels or pay an escalating amount for their data usage there should be a bit of a savings because of the reduced data required to view the site.

A secondary benefit of having the site compressed is the page will load that much faster. Personally I’m not noticing a great improvement in speed when access the site on my phone but it’s 4 years old and may not be able to utilize the compression feature but my home internet access seems to be significantly faster.

The website compression seems to be flawless but if you have any trouble accessing the site over the next week please let me know either through our Facebook page or directly by email at [email protected]