New EZee Fold Folding Electric Wheelchairs

I’ve added a couple of new pages to the Mobility Basics website today about the two newest folding electric wheelchairs from EZee Life.

CH4070 Ultra-Light EZee Fold
CH4070 Ultra-Light EZee Fold

The CH4070 Ultra-light is an extremely lightweight power wheelchair intended for traveling around home and on most hard surfaces. I wouldn’t tr to use in snow, sand or even on a soft lawn but if you need a really light power wheelchair, this is it.

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CH4075 Heavy Duty EZee Fold

The CH4075 is at the opposite end of the scale in both weight capacity and size. It’s a heavy duty EZee Fold that has a 20″ x 20″ seat size and 500 pound weight capacity. With larger wheels and more powerful batteries this model has more possibilities in terms of terrains it will traverse.

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