What MobilityBasics is all About

Every week I get email from people looking for pricing or asking what is the point of the website. It seems I’ve confused a lot of people by providing information and advice without charging a fee or requiring visitors to provide their contact information. Anyone can visit the site and access all the information without cost or obligation.

For those who have never read the about me page I was a rehab consultant selling and servicing all kinds of home medical equipment to end users for over 20 years. Because most of my customers had no expectation of needing this type of equipment they had very little preparation for making purchase decisions. I created the Mobilitybasics.ca website (originally called Wheelchair.ca) so people could find out about the equipment and have the information needed make equipment decisions, or at least know what questions to ask.

All the equipment on the web site can be purchased in Canada, and probably the US. If a visitor finds a piece of equipment on the website that they think will be suitable for their needs they can go to their local vendors to get more information or make a purchase.

A secondary purpose of the MobilityBasics.ca website is to present products that purchasers may never know about because some dealers don’t know about them or don’t have accounts with the distributors/manufacturers. There could be a piece of equipment out there that will be perfect for a situation but the user ends up with something less perfect if no one knows what’s available.

The advertisements on the website provide the means by which I’m able to do everything for free for my visitors. Without the advertising I’d have to find a way to squeeze money from my visitors or shut down completely so feel free to thank them if you have any dealing with them.

So that’s the gist of what I’m doing. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you,

Dave Stewart

The Blog is Back!

After a short hiatus I’ve returned to the Mobility Basics Blog. The blog was turning into a place where equipment information was being presented and I felt that was confusing. Visitors would find information on the site but miss information on the blog and vice versa.

So my intention now is to place articles on the blog that are of interest to visitors but more about the home health care industry and issues that will be of interest to users and caregivers rather than information about equipment.

All of the old posts that were here before shutting the blog down have been saved and posted on the main site in the Articles Section. Along with these old posts you’ll also find a whole bunch of new posts that may be of interest in the same section of the web site.

I’m not really swamped with ideas for posts so if there is some topic or issue you’d like to see posted let me know.


Dave Stewart