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Added: June 4th, 2013

Portashopper Portable Power Wheelchair

The Portashopper portable power wheelchair is a very small and lightweight folding power wheelchair. While not suitable for all day, every day use the portashopper is a excellent option for shopping trips and errands where a powered mobility device is needed for independent mobility.

The Portashopper is constructed of an aircraft aluminum alloy, weighs about 40 pounds and is avialble in 3 finishes (silver, bright yellow or burgundy).

There are two models available, Portashopper I with fixed arms and Portashopper II with flip-up arms.

Power Supply

The Portashopper is powered by a 24 volt lithium ion battery that can provide up to 15 km of driving on a 5 hour charge and is 60% lighter than conventional wheelchair batteries. For users who require more range a second battery can be purchased and carried in a holder mounted on the wheelchair.

A unique feature of this product is the availability of optional alternative battery chargers:

  1. Car charger - The car charger will provide a 95% charge in 2 hours and a full charge in 5 hours when plugged into a vehicle power outlet.
  2. Solar Charger - When set up facing the sun the solar charger will recharge the battery in 5 hours.

By having a spare battery the user can always have a battery charged while still being able to use the Portashopper.


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Portashopper wheelchair image 1 Portashopper wheelchair image 2 Portashopper wheelchair image 3
Portashopper wheelchair image 4 Portashopper wheelchair image 5 Portashopper wheelchair image 6

Portashopper Features

  1. Transportable on all vehicles - transport friendly lithium batteries
  2. Goes 15KM (9.3 Miles) per charge per battery
  3. Easy to lift - lightweight and folds compactly
  4. 120KG (264lb) weight capacity
  5. Easy Side Transfers - with rugged Flip-Up Armrests (on portashopper II)
  6. Tight manoeuvring - needs only 60cm (2ft) wide passageway
  7. Powerful Motor for climbing steep ramps and hills up to 12 degrees with ease.
  8. Opens and unfolds almost effortlessly - with optional "pop-open" spring assist kit
  9. Optional attendant control allows the chair to be driven by a caregiver
  10. Internationally Supported 3 Year Exchange Warranty
  11. Extremely easy to control
  12. Delivered fully assembled
  13. Seat & back cushion included



Failed items will be repaired or exchanged as required within warranty period.

In spite of not having any dealers at this time in Canada, these power wheelchairs can be obtained directly from the manufacturer in Australia. Their pricing includes international shipping.

As with any products in the "New Products" section of this web site the information provided comes from the manufacturer and is assumed to be true and correct. I have not seen or tested this product and can not vouch personally for it's quality or its manufacturer's claims. Buyers should exercise caution when purchasing and assure themselves that the product is as represented prior to purchasing.

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