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Added: April 18, 2012

Action® Xact® LP2 Contoured Wheelchair Cushion

The Action® Xact® LP2 Contoured Wheelchair Cushion is the newest wheelchair cushion in the Action® line of cushions and pressure relieving products. The LP2 wheelchair cushion is an advancement in wheelchair cushions that incorporates the best features of previous cushions into a single product that will provide pressure relief, positioning and comfort in a cushion no more than 2" thick.

The Xact® Lp2 Wheelchair cushion is a multi=layered lightweight contoured wheelchair cushion that has a thin profile but also provides superior pressure relief and fairly aggressive contouring for excellent positioning control.

The cover orientation labels visible through windows in the cover indicate if the cover is fitted properly and back cane securement loops have been sewn into the back corners of the cover to secure the cushion to the wheelchair.

Action® Xact® Contoured Wheelchair Cushion

Action® Xact® LP2 Contoured Wheelchair Cushion


  • Breathable Cover
  • Integrated Inner Incontinence Resistant Cover
  • Polymer Pebble Pad
  • Integrated Polymer/Foam Sacral Reservoir
  • Slow Recovery Foam Layer
  • Visco Foam Layer
  • Contoured Lightweight Foam Foundation

Additional Features

  • Adductor Buildups
  • Abductor Buildup (Pommel)
  • Trochanter Buildups
  • Cover Orientation Labeling
  • Back Cane Securement Loops (hook & loop)

About Action® Products Inc.

Action® Products Inc. have been in business since 1970 and produce a variety of products utilizing AKTON® Viscoelastic polymer.

AKTON® Viscoelastic polymer was created by founder Dr. McElroy, during his pursuit to develop a pressure relieving material that would help prevent pressure sores in immobilized patients and is only available from Action® Products Inc.

In addition to other medical products, Action® Products Inc. produces a full line of wheelchair cushions utilizing AKTON® Viscoelastic polymer

Canadian Distributor/Manufacturer's Rep.

HPU Rehab
220 Wildcat Road,
Toronto, ON M3J 2N5
Phone: 1-888-634-5808
Phone: 416-739-1267
Fax: 416-739-7171

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