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Raised Toilet Seat with Arms
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People are different heights but toilets are all pretty much the same at around 16" give or take a little. This can be a problem for users who are too tall to safely sit on a toilet that is too low or have trouble standing up from a seated position. A raised toilet seat can help people by allowing them to adjust their toilet to a height that is safe and functional for them.

Porcelain is by far the most common construction material for the toilet itself in homes as well as in public wash rooms. Because porcelain is brittle and can't be drilled or modified in any way attaching a raised toilet seat to it has to be done with some type of clamping mechanism.

Depending on the model of raised toilet seat purchased the additional height gained can normally be anywhere from 1" to 6". Some types of raised toilet seats, like the "bubble" styles, have no adjustment and you have to know what height you will need when making your purchase. Other types may be adjustable and allow for changes in condition of the user, who the user is or what toilet is being used.

While most toilets have a bowl that is more or less round their are toilet models the have elongated bowls and some raised toilet seats may not fit properly on these types of bowls. When purchasing always make sure the model you are purchasing will fit properly on your type of toilet bowl. The wrong raised toilet seat for your toilet bowl can be a safety hazard as it may be unstable due to the clamping mechanism's style.

Raised Toilet Seat Types and Styles

Standard Raised Toilet Seat - The standard raised toilet seat is available in different designs and styles but it will basically raise the seat level of a toilet. It will feature some type of clamp system to secure the seat to the toilet and usually be constructed of some type of plastic that is easy to clean and sanitize. Standard Raised Toilet Seat
Standard Raised Toilet Seat
Raised Toilet Seat with Lid - Most raised toilet seats prevent the lid of the toilet from closing so some manufacturers have added lids to their products for those who want to have a working toilet seat lid.

The raised toilet seat with lid will usually be much the same as the standard raised toilet seat in construction and design.
Raised Toilet Seat with Lid
Raised Toilet Seat with Lid
Adjustable Height Raised Toilet Seat - Adjustable height raised toilet seats are not as common as they used to be but there are some manufacturers around making them. One of the down falls of the adjustable height raised toilet seats is they can be harder to clean because of the way their clamps are designed but if adjustability is needed they work fine and there isn't really an alternative.

The pictured Lumex raised toilet seat is adjusted by screwing the bowl clamps into and out of the brackets on the bottom of the seat.
Adjustable Height Raised Toilet Seat
Adjustable Height Raised Toilet Seat
Padded Raised Toilet Seat - The padded raised toilet seat is simply that, padded. Many people who are susceptible to skin damage and pressure sores can find sitting on a toilet seat very uncomfortable and damaging to their skin.

The pictured Drive Medical padded raised toilet seat is height adjustable but their are other models available that are more basic.
Padded Raised Toilet Seat
Padded Raised Toilet Seat
Raised Toilet Seat with Arms - Adding arms to a raised toilet seat will help the user who has balance issues or needs some support while sitting. The arms on a raised toilet seat can also aid in transfers by giving the user a place to grasp if they need to steady themselves.

Please remember that the raised toilet seat is clamped onto the toilet and can slip if too much force is applied to it. If the user is going to need a lot of support during transfers better options would be a versamode or a raised toilet seat coupled with versa frame (also known as a toilet safety frame).
Raised Toilet Seat with Arms
Raised Toilet Seat with Arms
Raised Toilet Seat with Flip Back Arms - Having flip back arms can be an advantage for those who transfer from a wheelchair to the raised toilet seat using a sliding type transfer where they slide across rather than stand and pivot.

Again, in my opinion, these arms are fine for support when sitting but I would be concerned if the user were using the arms for support while transferring as they are only attached at the back.
Raised Toilet Seat with Flip Back Arms
Raised Toilet Seat with Flip Back Arms

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