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There are many decisions to make when purchasing a wheelchair and most of them concern the choosing of the components that will work best for the user. While the components are similar between the different makes and models of wheelchairs there are some subtle differences that may be important for comfort and functionality.

"Components" for the purposes of this web site refer to items that are normally found on user's wheelchairs and are normally chosen when ordering a new wheelchair. Individual components can vary in size, type and style and include things such as armrests, footrests, footplates, seat and back styles, wheels, casters, tires and the sizes of some of these components. Manual wheelchair components also include things like axles, hand-rims, wheel locks and power wheelchairs include things like joysticks, joystick mounts, gimbals, battery sizes and control types.

Not all components or their specifications as described are available on all models but these are the most common components a wheelchair purchaser will come across when making decisions.

  • Frames - Types of manual wheelchair frames.
  • Seat Frames - Types and sizes of wheelchair seat frames.
  • Arm rests - Styles, sizes and parts of wheelchair arm rests.
  • Foot rests - Styles, sizes and parts of wheelchair foot rests.
  • Casters - Styles, sizes and parts of the front casters of wheelchairs.
  • Rear Wheels - Styles and sizes of wheels and tires for wheelchairs.
  • Hand rims - Types of hand rims available for manual wheelchairs.
  • Wheel Locks - Styles of manual wheelchair wheel locks.
  • Drive Controls - Types of drive controls available for power wheelchairs.
  • Joystick Mounts - Styles of power wheelchair joystick mounts.
  • Electric Wheelchair Battery - Information about batteries and chagrins power equipment.

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