Pediatric Bathing Products

Bathing child without disabilities can be a challenge, however bathing a child who is having spasms, seizures, uncontrollable movements or unable to move and unable to hold themselves in a sitting position can be a nightmare. There are products on the market designed to help parents and care givers bath kids safely.

Pediatric Bath Seats

In spite of being called bath seats, pediatric bath seats would be better described as bath supports. While the designs available can be quite different, they all support the child in the position needed so the care giver is free to do the bathing without being concerned about controlling the child's movements and position.

The support can be as simple as a back rest for the child to rest against with a strap to help them remain in position such as the top picture on this page.(Minnow Bath Support Pediatric Bath Seat)

Minnow Bath Support Pediatric Bath Seat
Minnow Bath Support
Pediatric Bath Seat

Another style of bath seat as pictured to the right (Manatee Pediatric Bath Seat) provides a depth adjustable seat that the child can recline on with waist strapping for holding them in place. This particular product is height adjustable in addition to an adjustable recline and leg angle. Other included options can include padding for lateral supports and head support.

Bath supports and seats will often come in two or three different sizes to accommodate kids of different ages and stature but are limited by the size of the bath tub they will be used in.

Manatee Pediatric Bath Seat
Manatee Pediatric Bath Seat

Shower Chairs

Shower chairs are water resistant chairs with wheels and toilet seat styled seats that can be rolled into a shower so the child can be showered. They can have tilting seats, headrests lateral supports, restraint straps, foot plates and large wheels for self-propelling if needed.

Shower chairs are often available in a couple of different sizes and are usually the only real option for cleansing once the child gets too large to be lifted into a bath tub or onto a bath seat.

Shower chairs will often serve a dual purpose in that they can also be used over a toilet and serve as a toilet support for kids who are unable to sit on a regular toilet safely or comfortably.

Swan Pediatric Bath Seat
Swan Pediatric Bath Seat

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