Vehicle Adaptations and Modifications

Vehicle products

Normally when people think of accessibility products for vehicles they think of van lifts or ramps but there are many other types of products that go beyond simply loading people and mobility equipment into vans.

Driving Control Products:

  • Hand controls - Allow people without the use of their legs to drive
  • Spinner knobs - Used in conjunction with hand controls for one handed steering
  • Left foot gas pedals - Allows people who do not have the use of their right feet to drive
  • Pedal extenders - Allow anyone who has difficulty reaching the gas & brake pedals to drive
  • Pedal guards - prevent accidental contact with the pedals by drivers using hand controls
  • Turn signal extensions - Allow people who can't reach the signal switch options for positioning
  • Parking brake extensions - Make reaching and using parking brakes easier
  • Gear shift extenders - Make reaching and using gear shifts easier

More information on driving controls

Powered Seats

  • Six way power seat - Allows people to transfer from their wheelchair to a van seat and move into position
  • Turning Seats - Aids people who have difficulty getting into vehicles

Vehicle Lifts & Carriers

  • Scooter/Wheelchair Lifts - Designed to lift scooters, or wheelchairs, while unoccupied into vehicle
  • Scooter/Wheelchair Carrier - Used to carry the mobility device outside the vehicle

More Information on Scooter Lifts.


  • Portable ramps - Generally used anywhere but can sometimes be used for accessing or loading vans
  • Van ramps - Designed specifically for vans and are usually permanently mounted in the van doorway

Vehicle Modifications

  • Lowered floor - Allow for easier access using ramps
  • Raised roof - Provides added head room
  • Kneeling Vans - Allows for easier access using ramps
  • Power doors - Allows users to open and close doors remotely

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Tie Down Systems

  • Docking station - Power tie down system that the user drives into and is automatically secured in place
  • Tie down strap system - Lower cost, low tech tie down system for use by caregivers or assistants

More Information on Tie Down Systems

Van Lifts

  • Under floor - Van lifts that are mounted under the van floor
  • Side door lifts - Van lifts designed for use in the side door
  • Rear door lifts - Lifts designed to be mounted in the rear door of the van

More Information on Van lifts

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