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New Products Listings

If you or your company has a new product you would like presented in the "New Products" section of our website feel free to contact me with some details of your product and what makes it "new and unique" in the marketplace.

I'm not going to list products that are simply upgrades of existing products unless the upgrade is truly unique and unusual in the industry.

I am willing to list products that are similar to other products in the industry if they are a truly new product from a given company that hasn't had a similar product recently available. I will also list products that may not be unique in the industry if they are from new manufacturers whose products aren't widely known in the industry.

In order to have your product listed it must:

  • be a home health care product
  • be of interest and value to our visitors
  • be available for purchase either online or at a dealer
  • be unique, have an innovative feature or be from a new company

Information and images of new products can be either emailed to me or available to me from your company/product website.

I reserve the right to refuse to list any product for any reason.

Thank you for your interest in my new products section.

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