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Added: November 27, 2012

Icon Adjustable Wheelchair

The Icon Wheelchair is a lightweight wheelchair, weighing only 21 lbs. including wheels, that has two characteristics that I feel make it a fairly unique wheelchair, suspension and adjustability. It's modular design allows for the use of off the shelf and custom seating components.


The first characteristic that grabbed my attention was its adjustability. This wheelchair has fifteen different adjustments that can allow it to be adjusted for function and to fit a user who goes through changes in condition and/or size. Although adults don't grow much, they do gain and lose weight and they can face some physical degeneration as years go by. Children on the other hand almost always grow and they can really benefit from a wheelchair that can grow with them.


The second characteristic that appealed to me was the suspension system this wheelchair uses. While wheelchair suspension isn't unheard of for wheelchairs it is fairly rare. The Icon's suspension design allows it to be set to your exact weight. The compression and rebound can both be tuned to reduce fatigue and give you a custom ride over the bumps of everyday life. There is also a lock-out option for those times when you don't want suspension.

Adjustability List

  • Seat angle
  • Center of gravity
  • Width
  • Backrest height
  • Backrest angle
  • Rear Wheel Camber (angle)
  • Suspension Shock pressure
  • Footrest height
  • Footrest angle
  • Castor position
  • Overall length
  • Seat height front
  • Seat height rear
  • Wheel gap (space between wheel and frame)
  • Suspension Shock rate (compression and rebound)


Maximum Weight Capacity 265 lbs. (120 kgs.)
Seat Width 12" to 19"
Seat Depth 14" to 18"
Front Seat Height 14½" to 23"
Rear Seat Height 16" to 23"
Wheels 24" or 25"


Icon wheelchair image 1
Icon wheelchair image 2
Icon wheelchair image 3
Icon wheelchair image 4

User Manual

Download the user manual from the manufacturer's website.

Icon Manual Wheelchair Warranty

A. LIFETIME WARRANTY - Icon warrants the chair body

, including all moulded body
parts made by the Company andthe connecting hinges, against defects in material and workmanship for the life of theoriginal purchaser.


  1. Icon does not warrant tires and tubes, upholstery and armrests and accessories orany other aftermarket part.
  2. Icon does not warrant against any damage from neglect, misuse or damageincidental to any automobile or conveyance incident or accident.
  3. Icon does not warrant against any damage resulting from exceeding the weightlimit of 265 pounds (120 kg.).
  4. Icon does not warrant an Icon chair from which the original serial number tag hasbeen removed.


Icon Wheelchairs Canada
201-25 Morrow Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6R 2H9

Phone & Fax: 1-888-461-5759

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