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Added: September 4, 2014

Verti Shelf Lift

Freedom Verti Shelf Lift
Freedom Verti Shelf Lift

Freedom Verti Shelf Lift
Freedom Verti Shelf Lift

The Verti shelf lift system allows those individuals who have difficulty reaching their upper kitchen cabinets to overcome these obstacles and reach the food, utensils, plates and cookie jars that are placed on those high shelves. This system fits inside an existing upper cabinet and when needed lowers the shelves down to the countertop for easier access.

For those who are able to reach the shelves the cabinet doors can be opened for normal access. For those unable to reach the shelves they simply have to push a button and lower the shelves down through the bottom of the cabinet for access.

In order to use the Verti shelf lift the user must be able to reach the back of the counter from the countertop up to the bottom of the upper cabinets. If the user has trouble reaching far enough to reach the shelves properly they may want to consider the Diago Cabinet Lift which lowers the whole cabinet down and forward to the front edge of the counter top.


This Verti shelving lift system is available to fit cabinet widths from 40cm (15¾") to 100cm (39½") and two depths, 26½cm (10.4") and 31½cm (12.2") to accommodate existing cabinets or allow multiple options when designing cabinets in new installations. The verti shelf lift system can be installed in almost any upper kitchen style cabinet.


These shelving lifts are available with three different control options.

  • The first control system is hardwired switch that is positioned permanently in a convenient position.
  • The second control system employs a handheld pendant that can be left in a convenient location near the cabinet housing the lift.
  • The third control system involves a wireless remote control.

Safety Panels

The Verti Shelving Lift system employs two safety panels to prevent accidents and damage to the lift.

  • The upper safety panel mounted on the inside top of the cabinet prevents the items on the top shelf from getting jammed against the top of the cabinet by stopping the lift if anything comes in contact with it.
  • The lower safety panel prevents the shelves from crushing anything on the counter when lowered. This safety panel is mounted on the bottom of the lowest shelf.


Verti Shelf Lift image
Verti Shelf Lift
Diago Pendant image
Pendant Control
Recessed Switch image
Recessed Switch

Surface Switch image
Surface Switch
Remote Control image
Remote Control

User Manual

Download the user/installation manual.

Verti Warranty

In accordance with the warranty conditions Orgalime S 2000 the manufacturer will replace or repair all faults which depend on manufacturing or material faults and which appear within twenty-four (24) months from the delivery. For further details about the conditions, see Orgalime S 2000.

The warranty is only valid if inspections and maintenance is carried out in accordance with the instructions. This warranty does not cover the cost of normal maintenance, settings or scheduled adjustments as specified in the instructions. Also the labour costs for such actions are not covered by the warranty.

Damages caused by misuse or incorrect operation of the equipment means that the warranty would expire.


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