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Added: September 6, 2014

Volaris Rollator Walker

Volaris Rollator Walker
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Volaris Rollator Walker
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Volaris Rollator Walker
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I came across the Volaris rollator walker this week as was impressed by the simplicity and multitude of options, features and models available. In my opinion this is a high quality rollator walker that offers many features and options not found on other products.

The Volaris walkers are manufactured in Sweden and distributed in North America by X-L-ENT Care Products Inc from their locations in Niagara Falls, NY and Milton, Ontario.

Volaris Rollator Models

Five models of the Volaris are available. All models feature a strong, yet lightweight extruded aluminum frame which is flexible to compensate for bumps and varied ground, keeping all four wheels in contact with the surface.

  • Standard - The Standard Volaris is the base model and is suitable in size and design for the average walker user to use indoors and out.
  • SMART - The SMART model is an upgrade from the standard model that has its brake cables concealed within the frame to protect them from damage and getting caught on things.
  • SMART Compact - The compact model is a narrow model that has 5.9" wheels and is most suitable for tight areas and solid terrains.
  • SMART Shadow - The shadow model a handsome, distinguished looking rollator with darker color tones for a lower visual advantage (and no orange as on the SMART)
  • SMART Patrol - This is the all terrain model of the Volaris with large softer 10" wheels that will roll easily over rougher terrains than hard 8" wheels normally found on rollators.
  • SMART Kids - Light and flexible indoor rollator with functions to meet the kids special demand. Its 50mm narrower and 100mm shorter frame and smaller wheels makes it easy to maneuver in small places.

Volaris Options

Below is a list of the man options available for the Volaris rollator walkers.

  • Adjustable Backrest - Back strap similar to conventional rollators
  • Mesh Basket Model - Fine mesh that allows small items to be carried
  • Cane Holder - Clamp that mounts on the side of the walker to carry a cane
  • Slow Down Brake - A Roller that exerts an adjustable amount of pressure against the wheels to prevent them from spinning too quickly
  • Bag with Carrying Strap - A canvas like bag that can be removed and carried away from the walker
  • Transport Strap - To keep the walker securely folded
  • Tray - To carry items such as plates, books etc. (not recommended for drinks)
  • Oxygen Tank Holder - To carry high pressure oxygen cylinders
  • Bottle Holder - To carry drinks in cans or bottles
  • Soft Seat Material - Provides added padding for the seat
  • Wire Basket - For carrying larger items that won't fall through wire spacing
  • Umbrella and Holder - Secures to the walker so the user doesn't have to carry an umbrella
  • One-Hand Brake - For people who are only able to sqeeze the brakes with one hand
  • Lights Package - Little LED lights so user can be seen in the dark.

Volaris Versions

The SMART, SMART Shadow and SMART Patrol are also available in low, wide and low/wide versions while the SMART Compact is avalable in a low version.

Volaris Specifications

Model Width Seat
Weight Wheel
Standard 23" 16¼" 18" - 24" 30" - 40" 16 lbs 8" 310 lbs
SMART 23" 16" 18" - 24" 30" - 40" 16 lbs 8" 310 lbs
Compact 21" 14.2" 17" - 18½" 24¾" - 31" 15 lbs 5.9" 275 lbs
Shadow 23" 16½" 18" - 24" 30" - 40" 16 lbs 8" 310 lbs
Patrol 23" 16½"" 18" - 24" 31⅓" - 41½" 19 lbs 10" 310 lbs
Kids 20¾" 14¼" 16½" 22¾" - 27½" 15 lbs 5.9" 176 lbs

Dimensions will vary for low (weight, handle height, seat height), wide (weight, width, seat width) and low/wide (weight, handle height, seat height, width, seat width) versions of the Volaris Rollators.

Additional Images

Volaris Rollator Umbrella image
Pediatric Volaris image
Pediatric Volaris rollator image

Volaris in Cooper image
Volaris on the trail image


Your Volaris S7 SMART has a two-year guarantee. The guarantee does not cover wearing parts such as handles, cables and wheels. It is also not valid if the rollator is subjected to abnormal use or is especially adapted without our participation.

Funding Information

The Volaris Smart is approved for funding in Ontario by the Assistive Devices Program. Pricing and terms of sale are specified by the Assistive Devices Program for those who access it. Contact the distributor for details and availablity in your area.


X-L-ENT Care Products Inc
Niagara Falls, NY, USA & Milton, ON, Canada
Toll Free: 1-866-315-9305
Phone: 905-749-1028

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