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Public or Commercial Porch Lifts

When used in public or commercial applications there are usually many rules and regulations which govern the porch lift's installation, features and use. In Ontario, Canada, a public or commercial application is defined as an installation in a building where there is no family or more than one family normally resides but this definition varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Public porch lifts can be portable or standard and are not much different than lifts used in residential applications. When purchasing a porch lift for a public or commercial installation you are basically buying a residential lift which has been upgraded with extra safety features.

PL-S Standard Vertical Platform Lift

PL-S Standard Vertical Platform Lift

A marriage of function and form, the PL-S can be finished to seamlessly blend with its surroundings, maintaining the look and feel of your facility.

 It's fully concealed within a hoistway and offers a selection of doors, gates, platform sizes and configurations to achieve the desired appearance and functionality.

Customize your lift by selecting from a vast array of options.

Each Porch-Lift undergoes rigorous testing for quality assurance prior to shipping. They fully comply with ADA accessibility guidelines.

AmeriGlide Atlas Vertical Platform Lift - Commercial

American Atlas Commercial Porch Lift

Providing access for persons with disabilities is becoming more and more a concern for not only the private section but the public sector as well. Businesses, churches, sports complexes to name a few examples are striving to accommodate and promote independent mobility for their clientele and to meet ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliance.

Our goal with the AmeriGlide Atlas Vertical Lifts was to design a lift that will provide a safe, comfortable and convenient way for individuals with disabilities and their families to gain access to places that before were unattainable. The AmeriGlide Atlas Vertical Platform Lift is designed to meet U.S. and Canadian safety standards and can easily be adapted to various situations. Its smooth and quiet performance makes the AmeriGlide Atlas Vertical Platform Lift a dependable and versatile solution for any commercial application*.

*For Commercial Installations, please consult your local elevator branch for approval before beginning construction. Code Requirements can vary greatly from region to region.


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