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Our Visitors:

During the past year we have had web site visitors from hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centres, school boards, government agencies (Veterans Affairs, Workman's Compensation etc.), insurance companies, universities, retailers, banks, automotive dealers, manufacturers, cities, provinces, states and end users.


People are looking for places to buy the products we have profiled on our sites. Would you prefer they look in the yellow pages or have your ad right in front of them? All dealers who advertise on our web site are encouraged to purchase a listing on our dealer page (the dealer page is consistently in the top ten pages for traffic).


We talk about your products and your competitors' products without bias or favouritism. Why not put an ad for your company and products in front of our visitors while they are learning about the products. Your ad will help build brand recognition and our visitors are more likely to look for your products from the vendors.

General Ad Policy

  1. We will only accept ads from home health care retailers and manufacturers of home heath care equipment or products or of interest to our visitors.
  2. Ads not related to the home health care industry will not be considered for insertion into our site.
  3. We limit the number of ads on any individual web page.
  4. We reserve the right to decline any advertising which we feel will not be of interest/value to our visitors or we feel is misleading.
  5. We have limits on the sizes of the ads on our site and these limits are dependent on where they are located on our pages.
  6. You can supply your own banner ad or we can design banner ads for you. We will only design one set of ads per year, per ad order. Redesigning of banner ads during the ad period purchased will incur additional charges.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse any advertising we feel is inappropriate or not of interest to our visitors.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit organizations can advertise their charity events for free here at Mobility Basics.

Simply contact us with the details of your event, and any graphics you'd like us to use, and we will place an announcement on our web site at no charge. (We can harvest graphics from your web site, with your permission, to simplify the process if required)

Pricing and Advertising Options

I've created an advertising options page that shows pricing and options for ads here.


The link below will take you to our stats located at The link will open a .pdf file with the historical stats for that site back to January 2012. (Formerly

Contact Us

If you are interested in placing an ad, or would like more information, please contact me by email or call 705-201-1087.

Thank You,

Dave Stewart website

Notice: Information on the web site is for informational purposes only and not meant to be a substitute for the advice provided by physicians, therapists or other medical professionals. All information is general in nature and may not necessarily apply to everyone as individual needs may vary. For more information see our terms.

Products displayed or discussed on this web site are presented to provide examples of products discussed and are not specifically endorsed by We do not receive any compensation for displaying or presenting any products.

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