Adaptive Equipment for Vehicles

Van Lifts

Van Lifts, are platform lifts which enable people confined to wheelchairs or scooter the ability to access a van by means of a hydraulic platform. These lifts can be installed in most full sized vans in either the side or rear door and some mini vans.

The cost ranges from $4,500.00 to $6,500.00 depending on the make and model of van and wheelchair. Purchasers of van lifts should always purchase a tie down system for safety while riding in the van.

For more comprehensive information on scooter lifts please visit our Van Lifts web page.

Van Lift

Scooter Lifts

Scooter Lifts, are strap type lifts which enabled people who can walk short distances to load their wheelchair or scooter into their vehicle. These lifts can be installed into almost all mini and full sized vans, pickup trucks and sometimes, car trunks.

The cost ranges from $1,200.00 to $4,000.00 depending on the make and model of the vehicle and wheelchair or scooter. A tie down system is recommended to prevent the wheelchair or scooter from moving during acceleration, braking and accidents.

For more comprehensive information on scooter lifts please visit our Scooter Lifts web page.

Scooter Lift Sr.

Tie Downs

Tie Down systems, are generally 4 straps which secure the mobility device to the floor of the vehicle. These systems can come with a lap belt or a lap belt and shoulder belt.

In the case of a device which is being transported, without the user on the device, simple tie down straps which can be purchased from an automotive store will usually suffice. The cost of tie downs range from $495.00 to $895.00 plus installation. Installation costs can vary depending on the vehicle.

For more comprehensive information on tie down systems please visit our Tie Downs web page.

Surelock Tie Downs

Hand Controls

Hand Controls, enable a person, who lacks the ability to drive with their feet, to safely drive a vehicle. The vehicle must have an automatic transmission, power steering and power brakes.

They consist of a lever which is mounted below the steering wheel with linkages to the gas pedal and brake. The installation of hand controls does not inhibit the driving of the vehicle by able bodied people.

The cost for hand controls range from $895.00 to $1,595.00.

For more comprehensive information on hand control systems please visit our Hand Controls web page.

ct 901 -

Left Foot Gas Pedals

Left Foot Gas Pedals, enable people who have the use of only the left foot to drive safely. The pedal is mounted to the floor of the vehicle to the left of the brake pedal with a linkage to the existing gas pedal.

The installation of left foot gas pedals does not inhibit the driving of the vehicle by able bodied people. The cost for left foot gas pedals range from $200.00 to $350.00 plus installation.

For more information on left foot gas pedals please visit our Driving Controls web page.

Left foot gas pedal

Pedal Extenders

Pedal Extenders, clamp on to the existing pedals in a vehicle so people who cannot safely reach the pedals can still drive. The installation of pedal extenders may inhibit the driving of the vehicle for anyone with longer legs.

The cost of pedal extenders are $115.00 per pedal.

For more information on pedal extenders please visit our Pedal Extenders web page.

Pedal Extenders

Turning Seats

Turning seats, can be installed in the front passenger's and front front driver's positions in some cars and the front passenger's, front driver's, mid-passenger's side and mid-driver's side positions in most van applications. These seats enable the easy access of many vehicles, for people who have difficulty transferring from a wheelchair or climbing up into a van seat.

The Turning seats are available as a manual unit for people who are assisted with their entry to the vehicle and power units for people who require more independent transfers. In some applications the OEM seat from the vehicle can be utilized. In other applications a new seat designed for the turning base must be ordered.

The cost of these units range from approximately $2,000.00 for a manually operated unit to $8,700.00 for a powered unit.

For more information on turning seats please visit our Turning Seats web page.


Each piece of equipment on this page is eligible for grants offered by most automotive manufacturers.

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