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Canadian Medical Equipment Funding Sources and Financial Aid

The Easter Seal Society

Financial Assistance Program - dedicated to helping children, youth and young adults with physical disabilities achieve their full individual potential and future independence. Easter Seals funds disability solutions through financial assistance, summer camp, the Recreational Choices funding program, research, advocacy, and public and consumer education. Telephone: 416-421-8377 or 800-668-6525

For more information: Easter Seals

The MS Society

The MS Society offers two types of funding; equipment purchase and permanent loan as well as special assistance programs. Please note that funding programs vary from province-to-province. The most common service provided by most divisions and chapters is assistance with equipment to help people with MS maximize their quality of life. Divisions and chapters manage this service in various ways:

  • Information and advocacy to assist people in understanding the resources available to them through their own benefits programs and the provincial health system, etc.
  • Full or partial purchase of equipment or permanent loan

For more information: MS Society

Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada

The MDA provides basic medical equipment, on loan, from a stock of recycled devices such as scooters, manual and electric wheelchairs, and hospital beds. Some funding assistance may be available for the purchase of new equipment.

For more information: Muscular Dystrophy

Disability Tax Credit

Revenue Canada allows some disabled people to claim $7,766.00 (2015) as a deduction on their income taxes. Most obvious disabilities are recognized however many people who are disabled due to a disease that doesn't fit into the CRA's narrow definitions of being disabled may be out of luck. It's worth checking out especially for those who use wheelchairs for basic mobility.

For more information: Disability Tax Credit

Automotive Manufacturer's Mobility Programs

Ford Mobility Program

Open to all Canadians buying a new Ford Vehicle, Ford will grant up to $1,000.00 towards installation of  lifts, hand controls and other equipment. Application is made through the dealership where purchased an must be made within 6 months of purchasing a new vehicle. For more information click here.

GM Mobility Program

Also open to all Canadians, the GM Program will grant $1,000.00 towards the purchase of modifications to a new vehicle, but you have to call their mobility assistance program to find out if you qualify at 1-800-GM-DRIVE. Their web site lists several steps you should follow when purchasing adaptive equipment but I'm  not sure if these steps are recommendations or requirements. Best to call and get the details. For more information click here.

Fiat/Chrysler Automobility Program

When the customer buys or leases any new Chrysler Corporation vehicle, Chrysler Corporation will provide cash reimbursement, up to $1000, to help cover the cost of installing adaptive driver or passenger equipment on the vehicle. Click Here for More Information.

Volkswagen Mobility Access Program

Volkswagen will provide up to $1,000 towards the purchase and installation of lift equipment, carriers, hand controls, pedal extensions or other assistance equipment on any eligible model. For more information click here.

Toyota Mobility Program

To help cover the costs of installing adaptive driving aids or mobility assistance equipment, the Toyota Mobility Program offers up to a $1,000 allowance to physically-challenged customers who acquire a new Toyota vehicle. Adaptive driving or passenger equipment includes, but is not limited to, wheelchair or other lift equipment, hand or other driving controls, and lifts or cart storage. Upon verification of the claim, a cheque will be mailed directly to the customer. For more information click here.

KIA Mobility Assistance Program

Kia Canada welcomes the opportunity to assist individuals with disabilities or special needs by providing up to $750 towards the purchase and installation of specialty equipment on your Kia vehicle. See your Kia dealer for full details. Limited time offer. Some conditions apply." For more information click here.

Honda, Acura and Lexus

All have mobility programs in the U.S. but I can't find any information on similar programs in Canada. I would certainly ask your local dealer if they have a program for Canadians.

The War Amps of Canada

National Headquarters (Ottawa)

2827 Riverside Drive

Ottawa, ON K1V 0C4

Telephone: 1 (800) 465-2677

Fax: (613) 731-3234


Web site:

Adult Prosthetics Program

Telephone: 1 (877) 622-2472

Fax: (613) 731-3234


CHAMP Program (Ottawa)

Telephone: 1 (800) 267-4023

Fax: 1 (866) 235-0350


CHAMP Program (Montréal)

Les Amputés de guerre


503 - 606 Cathcart Street

Montréal, QC H3B 1K9

Telephone: 1 (800) 265-0494

Fax: 1 (877) 600-6212


The War Amps assist, protect and bind together Canadian war, civilian and child amputees through financial assistance with artificial limbs and rehabilitation, counseling, emotional support, regional seminars and information on latest prosthetic developments.

The Adult Prosthetics Program offers assistance to amputees in Canada who register with The War Amps as adults. The program offers financial assistance towards the purchase of artificial limbs. As a charitable organization, it is important that those needing assistance also access other funding sources available to them. Adult amputees have specific issues to deal with in their adjustment to life as an amputee. To assist amputees, the National Amputee Centre has a wealth of information on artificial limbs and all areas concerning amputation. Some of this information can be found on their web site.

Child Amputee up to 18 years of age (CHAMP) Program

Children missing a limb or limbs at birth, from medical causes or due to an accident may enroll in CHAMP. The program offers financial assistance for artificial limbs and related expenses and provides financial assistance for specially designed recreational limbs and adaptive devices.


Assists "Super Champs" (multiple amputee youngsters) with computers and computer training as an educational aid now to ensure their employment opportunities in the future. Contact the CHAMP Program for more information.

National Amputee Centre

Educates amputees and family members about all aspects of amputation, including the latest information on artificial limbs and products, through a comprehensive library of information and the War Amps web ( site selection. Contact the National Amputee Centre at 1 (877) NAC-CIPA [1 (877) 622-2472] or via E-mail at for more information.

Wish Foundations

Various groups who offer to grant the wishes of children with severe disabilities or terminal illness. Please see each foundation for additional information. website

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