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Saskatchewan Funding Sources

Adapt a Home for a Person Experiencing Disability

The Saskatchewan Home Repair Program - Adaptation for Independence Program provides financial assistance to low-income homeowners or rental property owners to make a home more accessible for a person with a housing related disability.

Benefit: Eligible applicants may receive a forgivable loan of up to $23,000.

Eligibility: Homeowners are eligible if they:

  • own and occupy the property as their primary residence;
  • have a household member with a housing-related disability; and,
  • have annual household income and asset levels at or below the limits established by Saskatchewan Housing Corporation.

Rental property owners are eligible if they:

  • rent the modified units to low-income households that include a person with a housing-related disability;
  • maintain affordable rents based on Saskatchewan Housing Corporation’s rent schedule for the term of the loan; and
  • have tenants with an annual household income at or below the limits established by Saskatchewan Housing Corporation.

For more information and application forms please click here.

Saskatchewan's SAIL program

Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living (SAIL) provides assistance to people with physical disabilities to live a more active and independent lifestyle. It also helps people in the management of certain chronic health conditions.

Benefit: The Ministry of Health offers these benefits to people who require them. Programs include:

  • Prosthetics and Orthotics Program
  • Mobility and Assistive Devices (Special Needs Equipment) Program
  • Therapeutic Nutritional Products Program
  • Respiratory Equipment Program
  • Home Oxygen Program
  • Children’s Enteral Feeding Pump Program
  • Compression Garment Program

Eligibility: To be eligible for SAIL, you must:

  • Be a resident of Saskatchewan (check your eligibility for health benefits in Saskatchewan);
  • Possess a valid Saskatchewan Health Services Number;
  • Be referred for service by an authorized health care professional;
  • Use a service in Saskatchewan, unless pre-authorized by Saskatchewan Health; and
  • Not receive benefits from other government agencies such as Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), Worker’s Compensation Board, Health Canada (Non-Insured Health Benefits Program), or Department of Veterans Affairs

For more information on these and other services offered by the SAIL program click here.

For More Funding Options Visit: Canadian Funding website

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