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Yukon Funding Sources

Home Repair/Upgrade Programs

YHC's Home Improvement Programs offer financial and technical assistance to homeowners, owners of mobile homes situated on rental property, and owners of rental units for the repair and upgrade of living accommodations, including energy efficiency and accessibility upgrades.

Home Owners on Titled Property - Principal Residence only:

  • Home Repair Program - Low-interest financing of up to $35,000 to address one or more of the following home improvement items: structural; electrical; plumbing; heating system; fire safety; overcrowding; energy efficiency or accessibility. A home visit by one of our professional Technical Officers will help you assess your home improvement needs, benefits and options.
  • Home Repair Enhancement Program - Complementary, higher-interest financing for home improvement projects that are expected to exceed the $35,000 limit under the Home Repair Program. The higher-interest rate applies only to the financing that exceeds the Home Repair Program limit.

Owners of Mobile Homes situated on Rental Property:

  • Mobile Home Upgrade Program - Financing for undertaking mobile home improvements. The maximum loan is 95% of the projected future market value of the improved home, less any encumbrance charges.
  • Mobile Home Emergency Repair Program - Emergency repair financing to address immediate health or safety issues. If you have any such concerns about your mobile home please get in touch with Yukon Housing Corporation right away. In some cases funding may be made available under the Mobile Home Upgrade Program.

Rental Accommodations:

  • Rental Suite Program - Up to $25,000 in low-interest financing with repayment terms of up to 10 years to upgrade an existing rental suite. Technical Officer assistance to suite-owners includes provision of design and costing information to assist in project decision-making. Under certain criteria, financing may be available for the construction of a new living suite.
  • Rental Unit Rehabilitation Program - Up to $30,000 financing for improvement of residential rental units. Technical Officers pre-assess the units for structural, health and safety integrity to identify and assist the landlord in planning for these mandatory repair items within the available loan budget.

Residential Energy Management:

  • Residential Electricity Management Program - Low-interest financing for up to seven years for Yukon homeowners who want to change their primary heating system from one using electrical power to a non-electrical one. Program eligibility includes electricity consumption in excess of 1000-kilowatt hours per month through at least six months in a twelve-month period.

This program is jointly funded by Yukon Housing Corporation and Yukon Development Corporation.

For more information please click here.

Yukon Extended Health Care Benefits

Eligibility To be eligible for benefits you must be registered with the Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan (YHCIP).

If you are already registered with YCHIP, you will automatically be sent an application form during the month you turn 65. A green Pharmacare card will be issued to you once the application form has been returned and processed. It will take approximately three weeks for the card to be processed and returned.

If you have only recently moved to the Yukon, you must first register with YHCIP. The application form for Pharmacare and Extended Benefits can be filled in at the same time and a Pharmacare card will be issued to you once the registration process has been completed. It takes three months for your YHCIP coverage and seniors benefits to begin if you are new to the Yukon.

The Pharmacare card confirms your eligibility for all insured physician and hospital benefits, and seniors' benefits.

Benefits include partial or 100 per cent coverage of the following benefits:

  • Medical-Surgical Supplies/Equipment and the plan may provide walking aids, hand inhalers, artificial eyes and limbs, respiratory equipment, commodes and manual wheelchairs
  • Hearing Aids and one hearing aid or a replacement hearing aid is allowed in a four-year period. Repair and adjustment of hearing aids is allowed once every six months. Batteries are not covered.

For more information on Yukon Extended Health Care Benefits click here.

For More Funding Options Visit: Canadian Funding website

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