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Manitoba Medical Equipment Funding Sources

Manitoba's Employment and Income Assistance program through Manitoba Family and Housing Services, among many other services, supplies mobility products, lifts, ramps and other medical equipment to residents of Manitoba. Below I've copied the details of 4 sections Health Services Program.

For more information on their services click here.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

In Manitoba, the Regional Health Authorities (RHA) have operational responsibility for the Home Care Program including planning, delivery and ongoing management of the services. Home Care services may include personal care assistance, home support, health care, family relief, respite care, medical supplies and equipment, and adult day programs. These services are provided by the RHA's, other contracted health care professionals such as the Victorian Order of Nurses, Community Therapy Services and other service providers.

The Home Care Program provides a base list of medical supplies and equipment available across the province. In Winnipeg additions to this list would include electric beds, electric Hoyer lifts and ceiling track systems (up to 12 feet). The Home Care Program is responsible for providing the medical equipment and supplies to individuals who have an open Home Care file. For new medical equipment and supply requests, confirmation of eligibility may be determined by contacting the appropriate RHA.

With respect to equipment and supplies, please note the following:

  1. RHA staff will assess equipment and supplies needs for EIA participants who are receiving services from the Home Care Program and arrange for their provision.
  2. Where the equipment is not covered by the Home Care Program, ie. walkers, raised toilet seats, bath bars, urinals and bedpans, EIA staff may approve the purchase of such items based on the recommendation of a medical professional.
  3. For EIA participants who are not receiving services from the Home Care Program, EIA staff would reference the standard base Home Care list as a guide to approve the purchase of medical supplies or equipment.
  4. EIA staff should, whenever possible, order all medical equipment and supplies from the Materials Distribution Agency (MDA), a special operating agency of Manitoba Government Services. All orders should be made using the EIA - Order Form in the Medical Equipment and Supplies Catalogue provided by MDA. All items should be ordered directly from:

    Materials Distribution Agency (MDA)
    7 - 1715 St. James Street
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 1H3
    Main Phone: 204 - 945-8605
    Customer Service: 1 - 800 - 561-8313
    Equipment Returns: 1 - 877 - 632-7867
    Fax: 945-5077
  5. Medical supplies and equipment not available through the MDA can be obtained from local suppliers or pharmacies. Three separate quotes are required in these circumstances.
  6. Where EIA is approached by Home Care, a participant. or advocate to share the cost of a major health related expenditure, the request must be forwarded to the Program Specialist in Service Delivery Support for approval, regardless of the cost of the item to be purchased.
  7. Hospital discharges must not be delayed when the MDA is unable to fill the order for the necessary equipment and supplies required at the time of discharge or if adequate discharge planning time is not available. The requirement for three separate quotes from vendors for the health equipment or supplies can be waived in this circumstance.

Wheelchairs, Wheelchair Repairs

Wheelchair requests for EIA participants must include an assessment by an occupational therapist and/or a doctor. EIA should provide approval for wheelchairs that meet the basic needs of the participant.

Manitoba Health loans wheelchairs without charge to all eligible Manitobans through the Manitoba Community Wheelchair Program. Eligible Manitobans include persons living in the community and does not include persons living in an institution, such as a personal care home. The Manitoba Community Wheelchair Program must be the first source for obtaining wheelchairs for Employment and Income Assistance participants (EIA) who live in the community.

Persons residing in personal care homes or other institutions are responsible for obtaining their own wheelchair, unless they have been loaned a wheelchair from the Manitoba Community Wheelchair Program at least six months prior to entering the institution. If they meet the latter condition, they may keep the wheelchair and continue to have it serviced by the Program. In those situations where the individual is responsible for the cost of a wheelchair and is an EIA participant, the EIA program will provide the wheelchair. These requests must be sent through to SMD to check the EIA volunteer equipment pool for a wheelchair. If there is no suitable wheelchair, SMD will provide EIA with a recommendation of an appropriate supplier.

The Society for Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD) is contracted by Manitoba Health to distribute and repair wheelchairs. As the provider of the Province's generic wheelchair program, SMD should be utilized as the primary supplier of standard manual and motorized wheelchairs for EIA participants. Wheelchairs can be obtained from:

Wheelchair Services
Society for Manitobans with Disabilities
1111 Winnipeg Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 0S2
Toll Free: 1-800-836-5551
Fax: 975-3240

Wheelchair Elevators, Lifts and Ramps

If the cost is greater than $3,000.00, requests for the elevators, lifts and ramps should be referred to the Minister's designate in the Central Office, for an assessment of the participant's home regarding cost and suitability for installation, before a requisition is made. The assessment will be considered a major repair.

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