Other Patient Room Equipment

Overbed Tables

Overbed tables are, as the name suggests, tables that fit over the bed. These tables are usually height adjustable and some have added features such as small storage trays or drawers built into them, mirrors and tilting table tops. Overbed tables with tilting table tops are great for people who want to be able to read or write in bed without sitting fully upright. The use of these overbed tables are not restricted to use with hospital beds and can be used with any bed that has an elevated head section, as long as there is enough space under the bed to allow the base of the overbed table to fit under it.

Bed Side Rails

Side Rails for a home style hospital bed are an option and do not come standard. They come in adjustable length as pictured, half length or full length and are not only helpful as a safety feature to prevent patients from falling out of bed but they also provide a handhold for people who need to pull on something solid when repositioning themselves in bed. Side rails do not impede raising the head, feet or whole bed and can be dropped out of the way when not needed simply by flipping a lever near the base of the rails.

Bed Side Rails

Trapeze Bars

Trapeze bars are important sickroom accessories designed to help patients change positions while in bed and to aid in transfer from wheelchair to bed with minimum attendant assistance. Trapeze units have a wide range of height adjustments and a hand bar to maximize patient accessibility. The unit can be installed quickly and easily on a stand to be used with any model bed or attached directly to most hospital style beds.

Trapeze Bars

Mangar Sit-U-Up Pillow Lift

The Mangar Sit-u-Up Pillow lift is a structured backrest that allows the user to sit up in a comfortable position in bed. It ultimately provides extra back support, without compromising the overall comfort. The Sit-u-Up Pillow lift is a great solution for anyone who has difficulty rising into a sitting position in bed.

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Mangar sit u up bed assist

Bed Back Support

The EZee Life bed back support is a lightweight adjustable angle back support to allow people in bed to sit up comfortably. This back support feature a washable fabric back sling, a small padded head cushion an has 5 different back angles. Our bed rest back support is an low cost alternative to a home hospital bed for those who don't require the features a regular hospital bed provides.

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