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Who Needs an Accessible Deck

According to a report by the US Government, less than five percent of the total homes are made to facilitate the differently-abled population. Let that sink in, in a country where 26% of the total population is disabled, less than 5% of the homes have adequate features to fully support them. These alarming statistics should be enough to show you why fully accessible homes are the need of the hour which should not be ignored. Adding a small feature, such as a ramp will make it accessible for the elderly and the disabled. Even small children will be able to crawl their way into the backyard and get some of the very essential vitamins from the sun.

The elderly who are no longer able to fully support themselves and are now partially restricted in their mobility need to have complete access to the house to remain independent. The decks play a huge part in their ability to stay mobile without having to call someone help to take them out. An accessible deck gives them a sense of independence that they very much cherished at their young age. Not only is an accessible deck important for a newer house, but it is also very crucial in older homes and retirement homes.

Retirement homes can get dull at times due to the hard consequences that people have seen there. A gorgeous and accessible deck will give the residents a much-needed pop of fun and allow them to live in peace by hanging out in the open air for some time. They can enjoy their cup of tea in the evening with their best friends and wheel themselves around when they laugh about how they used to spend their evenings in the past. They can also gather around and play a game of chess in the cool breeze without having to worry about relying on someone else taking them out and showing them around. This would very much make the volunteers happy as well to find out that the home is made to facilitate its residents as much as possible. Trust us, nothing brings more happiness for a human than the independence to move around and feel fully mobilized.

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The next group of people who are in need of accessible ramps and decks around the house are those who, due to illness or injury, are challenged in their mobility and independence. For whatever reason they have difficulties it doesn't mean that they should be dependent on others for their everything in their day to day life. We cannot even imagine the pain that they must go through when they realize that the world is not made to fully accommodate them.

An accessible deck will give everyone in the house equal opportunities to take full advantage out of it and make the home truly theirs. A house that is inclusive of all, both inside and outside, is the best way to make the home truly wholesome. Disabled people should not have to depend on anyone to just go out and hang around in the backyard or have their tea in the fresh air. Your deck should be accessible for all. It is a beautiful part of every modern home that gives such good vibes, so why deprive even one person of it.

It is an essential part of being to want to enjoy some time in the house, especially if you live with someone. Decks are an excellent place to sit and soak in the sunlight or feel easy-breezy air move through your hair. There is no better feeling than to be able to sit in a backyard accessible for all and have a good time.

A deck that has a wheelchair ramp attached to it allows the disabled and the elderly to wheel themselves without any hassle and without waiting for someone else to take them there. It would make the co-living space an area that caters to everyone’s needs and is a heaven for all.

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