Hospital Beds for Home Use

Manual Beds

Manual hospital beds are generally operated by hand cranks found at the bottom of the bed. It's virtually impossible for anyone who is in a hospital bed to operate these cranks so if there is no care giver available to adjust the bed when needed, there is no point in purchasing a manual bed.

Manual beds can have one, two or three gatches and will have one crank for each gatch.

Manual Bed

Semi-Electric Bed

Semi-Electric Hospital beds are basically manual beds with a motor to allow the patient to adjust the head and sometimes the foot of the bed with a control pendant. They may or may not be height adjustable but if they are, there will be a crank which has to be used by someone outside the bed raise or lower the bed to set at the required height.

Semi-Electric Bed

Full Electric Beds

Electric home hospital style beds have one motor for each gatch and are operated by switches mounted on a pendant which can be positioned where it is easily reached allowing the user to be more independent. The control pendant has separate buttons for operating the up or down feature of the head, foot and bed height.

Electric beds are the best bet for patients who spend a lot of time in bed and benefit from regular changes in position for comfort or therapeutic reasons.

Electric Bariatric Beds

Bariatric hospital beds are usually full electric beds with weight capacities between 600Lbs and 1,000lbs. They provide the same features and benefits as standard full electric beds but are of heavier construction, have stronger motors and may or may not be wider than conventional home electric beds.

Full Bariatric Electric Bed website

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