Aerosol Nebulizer Types

Aerosol nebulizers are available in a variety of designs and styles with each style offering it's own benefits and features. The three basic categories of nebulizers are basic home systems, portable AC-DC models and pediatric models. While all of these styles perform the same basic function, they are each designed to best suit different types individuals or situations.

Basic Home Nebulizers:

Pari Vios Aerosol Nebulizer
Pari Vios Home Aerosol Nebulizer

Basic home nebulizers are fairly simple affairs that consist of small electric motor that operates a small air pump.

These pumps compress room air and direct to an outlet that an air hose is connected to. The air hose conveys the air to the nebulizer cup and creates a fine mist of the medication.

Because room air will have contaminants in it a filter is used in the pump to prevent these contaminants from passing through the pump and out to the nebulizer cup. Because these intake filters tend to get clogged up over time, they must be cleaned or replaced regularly. A clogged intake filter will prevent the pump from running properly and can possibly damage the pump.

Portable AC/DC Nebulizers:

Pari Trek Portable Aerosol Nebulizer
Pari Trek Portable Aerosol Nebulizer

The basic models of aerosol nebulizers do present a problem for people who need to be away from home, or at least a power source at times when they require a treatment. Portable nebulizers are small and often work faster than the basic home models. Portable nebulizers are the answer for many people who find they have to travel, go to work or go to school.

Portable aerosol nebulizers can be powered by 110 or 220 volt house wiring, an automotive adapter that allows the nebulizer to be powered by a vehicle electrical system or a rechargeable battery or a combination of power sources depending on the model chosen.

Drive Pediatric Aerosol Nebulizer
Drive Pediatric Aerosol Nebulizer

Pediatric Nebulizers:

Pediatric aerosol nebulizers function much the same as the basic home models but are designed to appeal to a child. The theory being that children will be much more receptive to taking their aerosol treatments and less stressed if the equipment resembles a toy instead of a medical device.

Disposable products and supplies such as masks and nebulizer chambers are also available in pediatric sizes for smaller children.

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