Mobility Cane Types

Standard Walking Canes


The most basic of canes is simply a stick with a bend on top intended to be a handle and a rubber tip on the bottom to reduce the chances of slipping on slippery surfaces. It's intended use is more about balance and walking comfort than any real kind of mobility aid. A basic wooden walking cane can usually be purchased for $10.00 to $20.00 but those who are looking for some styling such as hand carving, fancy designs or gold handles can pay several hundreds of dollars.

Also in the category of standard walking canes are the basic aluminum canes. These canes are usually height adjustable for easy fitting, have a rubber or foam covering on the handle and have a rubber tip on the bottom.

wooden cane image

Quad Canes


Quad canes are for people who do not need a walker but need something more than a cane. For whatever reason they find a single point cane not stable enough for safe use. The manufacturers came up with a solution for these people by creating a cane with 4 tips on the floor spaced 4" to 6" apart in width and 8" to 12" apart in length.

Because a base this wide would create a tripping hazard for the user the base is offset so that the wider part of the base is away from the user's leg. the offset base on a quad cane means they have to be used either in the right hand or left hand. Realising this the manufacturers have designed them so they can be adjusted by loosening the base, turning the base 180° and retightening it change which hand the quad cane will be used in.

quad cane image

Specialty Canes


There are a few canes that offer features not usually available on either standard of quad canes but can be beneficial to some users.


Folding canes


Folding canes are a great accessory for people who are attending events or functions where they will not be doing much walking once they get there. The folding feature of these canes allows for the cane to be folded into a fairly small size and carried in a good sized purse or bag.

They are adjustable in length similar to conventional canes but the adjustment is made at the top near the handle rather than at the bottom near the tip. Accessories such as an ice tip can be fitted onto these cane as well.

folding cane image

Cane seat


The cane seat is a neat idea and a great product for those who may need to rest when they are out walking. The seat and legs fold up to form an almost flat cane for use when walking and unfolds into a small stool when the user wants to rest.

These seats will usually have a weight capacity of around 250lbs. but have no height adjustability. I would not recommend them for those who need a true mobility cane but the cane seat would be fine for someone who likes the added security of having a cane along with them.

seat cane image

High Tech Cane


The Tucane® is a new type of cane that is different than any other cane I've ever seen. When used the cane handle is kept postioned at the hip and the cane leg moves back and forth. The manufacturer says it promotes correct posture and therefore reduces back pain while allowing the user to walk more naturally.

Designed to emulate the hip the Tucane® is an advanced walking aid that promotes correct posture eliminating back pain. When the user walks, Tucane® moves forward with your leg with the use of the springs located in the grip handle of the device.

The Tucane® shoe tip will automatically adjust while the user walks, simulating the ankle's joint. The tip is made of a special anti-slip rubber, and a patented design with shock absorbers designed to absorb impact and vibration with the ground.

FOr more information on the Tucane® please visit its page in the New and Unique Products section.
tucane image
Tucane® Cane

Rollator Walker with Elbow Supports

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