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Walking frames are also referred to as gait trainers as they are usually used to train kids who have never walked to walk or to re-train adults who have lost the ability to walk due to an accident or medical event of some type. They are basically walkers which are designed to support a person so completely that there is no way they can fall down without being disconnected from the device. A user in a walking frame doesn't have to support their weight or be concerned with balance.

The information I'm posting about gait trainers is very generic as there are many differences in features and function from one model to another not to mention the fact that many gait trainers have extra optional features available in addition to the base unit. At the bottom of this page I've shown several versions of the more popular gait trainers with some basic information and links to more info.

Gait trainers tend to be quite expensive pieces of equipment and there are quite a large variety of  products on the market. The features of the gait trainer the user will require will vary from person to person depending on their abilities. In addition to the user's abilities, another consideration when purchasing a walking frame is how much effort is required to load the user in it. When you're trying to help a person who can't walk, and probably can't stand, get into one of these pieces of equipment the ease of loading will be a major consideration.

More than any other piece of equipment, the aid and advice of a healthcare professional, such as a physio of occupational therapist is essential in choosing  the best gait trainer for the user.  This is not usually a major issue for most users as people who are candidates for walking frames are already receiving the services of these professionals.

Gait trainers are primarily paediatric products but there are a few models designed large enough to accommodate adult users. As one can imagine, a gait trainer that would support the weight of and balance an adult is a large and heavy device.

Mulholland Walkabout

The Mulholland Walkabout gait trainer is a spring-assisted posterior ambulation support for children and adults with special needs. Available in four sizes, the Mulholland Walkabout Gait Trainer will accommodate 15 lb toddlers to 190 lb adults and is the only gait trainer/ walker that has an open front design, improving forward ambulation for those with limited weight bearing abilities.

For more information on the Mulholland Walkabout please visit Mulholland Positioning Systems, Inc.

Mulholland Walkabout Gait Trainer

Both Dynamico indoor and outdoor gait trainers come with adjustable pelvic, chest and sling seat supports. With its standard features alone, the Dynamico will easily support a child or adult with mild to moderate physical disabilities. Optional accessories can be added for individuals with increased upper and lower body support needs. Available in 5 indoor sizes and 4 outdoor sizes the Dynamico will support users up to 220 lbs in weight.

For more information on Dynamico walkers please visit the manufacturer's website ORMESA S.r.l.

Dynamico Gait Trainer

The Grillo for kids and adults was designed to generate and assist the user's gait pattern, to train the pelvis and trunk to maintain their balance and to develop the physical self-sufficiency and psychological independence of the user. The Grillo is availible in 4 sizes and will the largest size will support a user of p to 165 lbs in weight.

For more information on Grillo walkers please visit the manufacturer's website ORMESA S.r.l.

Grillo Gait Trainer

The Pony provides the capability to socialize with other children and explore their environment and the adjustable forward lean helps to encourage the stepping reflex. The Pony has a wide wheelbase for stability and comes standard with wheel locks on three of its wheels. A resistance wheel, directional stabilizer, adjustable trunk support, hand-grips, pommel and pelvic support are standard features. The Pony comes in four sizes accommodateing users with different levels of ability with the largest size suitable for kids up to 64" tall.

For more information on Pony gait trainers please visit the manufacturer's website R82.

Pony Gait Trainer
Meywalk 2000

The Meywalk 2000 is an indoor/outdoor gait trainer that is available in two sizes. The Meywalk 2000 Medium size system will easily accommodate individuals from 7 to 14 years of age. This heavy duty walking support can easily support up to 220 lbs. (100 kg). Children and adults with mild to more severe levels of physical involvement will greatly benefit from participating in a supervised gait-training program with the Meywalk 2000.

Birillo Gait Trainer

The Ormesa Birillo is a beginning gait trainer for children with special needs approximately age 2 to 8 years old.

Available in 4 sizes, the Birillo gait trainer / walker is specifically designed to give a child with special needs the ability to move freely and safely around the home, school, daycare, and therapy environments. The Birillo comes standard with a latex-free back and seat cushion with an adjustable abductor to promote upright sitting, and properly align the spine and pelvis for optimal lower leg mobility.

For more information on Grillo walkers please visit the manufacturer's website ORMESA S.r.l..

Meywalk 2000 Gait Trainer

Rollator Walker with Elbow Supports

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