Wheelchair Ramps at factory Direct Medical

This ramp model seems to have been discontinued by the manufacturer. I've left the information here for anyone who may be looking for it.

PVI Side Door Van Ramp

PVI Side Door Wheelchair Van Ramp

The PVI Side Door van ramp connects to the inside of the vehicle's side door. This ramp folds end to end and sideways into the van and stores vertically allowing access through the door when not in use.

The design allows the ramp to unfold using minimal lifting strength and easily refolds into the vehicle for easy transport.

The PVI side door van ramp is more stable and secure than a portable wheelchair ramp because it is attached to the vehicle and there is no danger of the ramp slipping while being used.

Because this van ramp is fixed to the van, it requires less strength and agility to fold, unfold and set up for use than an conventional portable wheelchair ramp.


Material: Aluminum
Surface: Non-Slip
Length: 6 or 7 Feet
Usable Width: 26" or 28"
Total Weight: 32 to 38lbs
Weight Capacity: 600 Pounds (272 kgs.)
Compatible Equipment: Power & Manual Wheelchairs and Scooters

Wheelchair Ramps at factorydirectmedical.com

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