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Portable Wheelchair Track Ramp Systems

Track or channel portable wheelchair ramp systems come in pairs and either telescope out or unroll to use.

The portable track wheelchair ramps can be used for porches and decks of various heights.

Because they are two separate tracks, they are not suitable for use with three wheeled scooters or walkers but can be used with manual and power wheelchairs four wheeled scooters.

They are not quite as stable as a platform ramp but are usually lighter and take up much less space when being stored or transported.

To use the track ramps they have to be unrolled or extended and placed parallel to each other the proper distance apart to match the wheels of the equipment which will use the ramps.

While these are very good options for loading and unloading unoccupied equipment I would advise not using them for occupied equipment because of the stability issue.

Portable Track Wheelchair Ramp Systems

AlumiRamp Telescoping Channel Ramps AlumiRamp Telescoping Channel Ramps
EZ-Access Portable Telescoping Track Ramps EZ-Access Portable Telescoping Ramps
Roll-a-Ramp Portable Rollup Track Ramps Roll-a-Ramp Portable Rollup Track Ramps

Track Ramp Comparison Chart

Manufacturer AlumiRamp EZ-Access Roll-a-Ramp
Ramp Type Telescoping Telescoping Roll-up
Lengths Available 6', 8' or 10' 7' or 10' 2' & up
Width 7.5" 6.5" 12"
Weight Capacity 600lbs (272kgs) 600lbs (272kgs) Up to 2,000lbs
Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Details More Info. More Info. More Info.

Wheelchair Ramps at factorydirectmedical.com

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