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PVI Utility (UTW) Ramp

PVI Utility Ramp

The PVI Utility (UTW) is a lightweight yet durable multi-folding ramp designed with an extended top lip to bridge the rear bumper of vans.

  These ramps are lightweight general purpose ramps which will separate into two pieces and fold in length for easy storage and carrying.

 The safety guide mounted on the side of this utility ramp will indicate if it is being used on a safe slope.

 This ramp has a high traction anti-slip surface on it's entire width to accommodate many types of equipment regardless of their wheel configuration.


Material: Aluminum
Surface: Non-Skid
Width: 30"
Lengths Available: 6', 7', 8' or 10"
Weights; 36, 41, 52 or 63 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 6'-8' 600 lbs / 10' 500 lbs
Limits of Use: 2" or 4" of Rise
Compatible Equipment: Power & Manual Wheelchairs, Scooters etc.
Usage Guideline: Vans, Low Porches & Decks, 1 or 2 Steps etc.


  • 500 lb. weight capacity on 10' ramp.
  • 600 lb. weight capacity up to 8'.
  • Easy set up and use.
  • Constructed of extruded, anodized aluminum that will not rust or corrode.
  • Durable non-skid driving surface.
  • Safety DVD, security pins and safety strap included.

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