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The primary purpose of a commode is to provide an alternative to using a toilet for people who can't get to a bathroom or can't sit on a toilet. A secondary purpose for commodes is for use as a showering device for people who require a seat in a shower stall which can be rolled into and out of the shower. Models designed to be used in a shower are known as shower commodes or rehab shower commodes. From the bottom end basic commode to the highest end rehab shower commode the prices range from less than $100.00 to over $5,000.00 depending on the features and options required.

Standard Commode

Standard commodes are stationary device which can be used in a bathroom, bedroom or sickroom or anywhere else as needed. Generally, a basic commode will feature adjustable height legs so the seat height can be optimized for the user's transfers, a toilet seat and lid, a pair of arms for support, a bar across the back for safety, a bucket for waste and a splash guard. The splash guard is similar to the bucket but doesn't have a bottom and is used to direct the user's waste into the toilet bowl when the commode is used positioned over the toilet. When used in other places than over the toilet, the waste goes into the bucket which can be removed from the commode and taken to a toilet for dumping by a caregiver. The buckets usually come with a lid.

Drop Arm Commode

Drop Arm Commode
Drop Arm Commode

Drop arm commodes are much the same as the standard commodes, and come with all the same features, but the user or caregiver has the option of releasing a lever and having the arm drop down to the side of the commode. This is a benefit for those users who need to transfer to the commode by sliding across from a bed or wheelchair. A removable arm on a commode would accomplish the same benefit however it is preferable to have the arm attached to the commode so the user or caregiver doesn't have to reach for the arm if it is set on the floor or elsewhere. By having the arms permanently attached to the drop arm commode, they won't get misplaced as often happens with other types of equipment used in institutions.

Folding Commode

Nova Folding Commode

Folding commodes are kind of rare but the folding feature is a benefit to some users. Sporting the same features as a standard commode, the folding commode is easier to transport and store when not in use. I really can't imagine there are many people who travel and need to take a commode along with them, but for families who have a disabled relative, a folding commode which can be easily stored away when not needed or brought by the user is certainly worthwhile. The 3 in 1 folding commode pictured here can also be used over the toilet as a toilet frame or raised toilet seat in addition to its use as a commode.

Bariatric Commode

Bariatric Commode
Bariatric Commode

A bariatric commode is simply a commode which is designed for people who find a standard commode too small to be comfortable. These commodes are not only wider than a standard commode but they also have heavy duty frames which can accommodate higher weight capacities and have extra wide seats with lids. The pictured bariatric commode features a 650lb weight capacity, drop down arms, adjustable height seat and can be ordered with wheels.

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