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Reliant 350 Stand Up Lift

Reliant 350 Stand Up Lift

Comfortable and secure Reliant Stand-Up Lift Model no. RPS350-1 is the answer to your patient transport needs. Reliant's ergonomic styling and easy maneuverability make it an ideal product for everyday patient handling.

With its numerous safety features, the Reliant Stand-Up lift ensures caregiver security and resident peace of mind.

Ideal for use with weight-bearing or patients as well as those needing rehabilitation support, the Reliant Stand-Up lift will be a valuable addition to your safety management system.


  • Adjustable pivoting leg support features a soft pad with lateral contour that secures legs in three positions for comfort at any height.
  • Wide non-slip footplate provides stable base for transfer
  • Ergonomic features make it ideal for toilet transfers, as well as for dependent and rehabilitation purposes
  • Features include fast, simple sling attachment that protects against accidental disengagement; wide push handle; good access for clothing removal; and comfortable slings with extended back support that prevents pressure in the axilla area
  • Innovative adjustment features adapt to a wide variety of body sizes and shapes. (That means comfort at any height, width and weight range up to 350 lb.- Multifunction slings allow for quick toileting, stand assist or full-support seated transfer.)
  • Adjustable leg strap option secures leg against knee pad for optimum positioning on footplate.
  • Warranty includes three years on lift, one year on electric components.
  • Under-bed clearance of 4.5in allows accessibility to most nursing home, hospital and home care bed styles.
  • Removable battery eliminates downtime.


  • Base Length: 35.5"
  • Base Width: Open: 36.8" Closed: 25.7"
  • Power: One charger output 24-volt DC Two removable 24-volt battery packs Audible 'Low Battery Alarm' Lifts per charge: 150 - 300* (*Varies w/ lift range & load)
  • Caster Options: Front: 3" Rear: 5" (locking)
  • Overall Height: Max at sling hookup: 63.7" Min at sling hookup: 39.6" Base height: 4.5" (clearance)
  • Product Weight: 115 lbs
  • Product Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Shipping Product Weight: 125 lbs

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