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ACOM Modular Wheelchair Ramp Systems

Alumiramp ACOM Modular Wheelchair Ramp

Alumiramp ACOM Modular Wheelchair Ramp

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The ACOM modular ramp systems are commercial versions of modular ramp systems.

The ACOM system has the same weight capacity of its sister ramp, the Armada residential ramp, but is designed with wider 48" ramp sections slightly larger platform dimensions and much sturdier hand rails. Its design will meet he requirements of most building and accessibility codes in North America.

Alumiramp has many per-configured packages that can be straight, have 90° turns, 180° turns, intermediate landings and include handrails for one or both sides as required. For situations where the per-configured packages are not suitable Alumiramp is happy to custom design a ramp to fit the customer's to fit the customer's needs.

As with other modular ramp systems, components can be purchased so that existing ramps can be altered to fit new locations.

To meet most accessibility and building codes in Canada and the ADA requirements in the U.S., a modular ramp must have at least 12" of length for every 1" of rise. Although some people may argue that these are portable ramps and not subject to building codes (building inspectors may disagree, especially with commercial applications) they are more accurately described as temporary and, to be safe, should meet building codes in your area. To find out what length you'd need for your ramp try our ramp length calculator.


Material: Aluminum
Surface: Bidirectional knurled tread
Length: As Required (minimum 4')
Useable Width: 48" (36" available as a special order)
Weight: Dependent on Length
Weight Capacity: Minimum distributed live load capacity of 100 pounds per square foot.
Concentrated vertical load of 300 lbs uniformly distributed over 4 sq inches of area
Compatible Equipment: Power & Manual Wheelchairs, Walkers and Scooters
Usage Guidelines: Businesses, Institutions, Government Facilities, Stores, Offices, etc.


Alumiramp ACOM Modular Wheelchair Ramp

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ACOM Installation Instructions

ACOM Specifications


  • Complies with: IBC, NBC, CABO, OSHA, Florida SREF, Texas TAS , ANSI, ADA
  • 10 year warranty
  • Heavy duty welded aluminum construction
  • Bidirectional knurled tread forms a rugged skid resistant surface
  • Non-combustible
  • 3 handrail options: 42" guardrail, 38" handrail, 38" 2 line rail
  • Special manufacturing to meet needs beyond the modular system

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