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Canadian Funding Sources

Physical barriers are not the only barriers faced by people with disabilities. Often peoples lives can be improved immensely by the medical equipment available today but the cost is prohibitive. Most governements and some corporations, service clubs or foundations offer programs to aid in funding of medical equipment for those with a real need.

While both the Canadian federal government and most provincial or territorial governments offer funding programs. In many cases these programs don't cover the full cost of the equipment, vehicle modifications or home renovations and secondary funding must be found. For those without extended health insurance to cover the shortfall, finding these secondary funding sources can be a challenge. All organised programs will have guidelines and mandates which determine what criteria is required for eiligibility for funding and what types of equipment they are willing to fund. Part of challenge in finding funding is finding the programs that are available for the equipment needed and the user is eligible for.

To aid in this funding search I've been creating a list of programs which are available both nationally and provincially and have detailed some basic information about each program's eligibility requirements, scope of service and contact information.

The links below will take you to pages which have funding sources sorted by the areas in which they are available.

Programs which are available throughout Canada.

Canadian National Funding Sources

Programs which are available within each Province or Territory

Because I expect this will be a ongoing project the information on these pages is likely to change from time to time. Anyone who notices a mistake, ommission or a program which has been discontinued is encouraged to contact me through our contact page so I can keep this section of our site as up to date as possible. website

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