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Economy Wheelchair Information

Economy wheelchairs are a class of wheelchairs that are not normally promoted much by retailers and while they will provide basic independent and aided mobility they are not considered the best choice for users who need a wheelchair for all their mobility needs on a daily basis. These chairs are generally reasonably good quality products that will function perfectly fine for many users.

That said, there are users that can benefit from a basic mobility device that doesn't offer all the bells and whistles available on many lightweight or specialized wheelchairs that can cost in the thousands of dollars. For users that are not able to fund the cost of a prescribed wheelchair the economy wheelchair is an option.

The economy wheelchair is best suited to users who only use a wheelchair on an occasional basis. The typical economy wheelchair user will be a user who is able to walk short distances around home but needs a wheelchair for outings where they lack the stamina to cover the required distances.


  • Available in multiple seat widths from 16" to 24" in 2" increments
  • Normally equipped with 24" flat free rear wheels and 8" flat free casters
  • May or may not have removable armrests in either full or desk length
  • Swing-away removable footrests are normally standard features
  • Elevating leg-rests may be an option
  • Weight capacity can vary between 250lbs. and 400lbs.
  • Most aftermarket accessories can be used


  • Low cost (often $200 to $400)
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Sturdy steel frame construction
  • Removable foot-rests

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