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Wheelchair Measuring Guide

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Wheelchair measurements are critical for everyday wheelchair users to have a comfortable and functional piece of equipment which will meet all their needs and provide for the best possible results. This guide is by no means etched in stone and often there are circumstances which require ignoring the basic rules of thumb for measuring a wheelchair however this guide is applicable to 90% of the wheelchair user population.

Seat Width

Seat width is usually the width of the user plus 1"

Seat Depth

Seat depth is usually the seat depth of the user less 1" or 2".

Seat Height

Seat height is usually the height of the user where they are able to access tables and tranfer without too much difficulty.

Footrest Length

The footrest should be the distance from the back of the knee to bottom of the heel while wearing the shoes the user usually wears.

Back Height

Back height will vary from user to user but normaly should be a little above the middle of the back around the bottom of the shoulder blades.

Note: When a wheelchair cushion is used, the thickness of the cushion has to be figured into the measurments for all of these parameters except the seat depth.

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