Basic Wheelchair Backrests

Basic wheelchair backrests are, for the purposes of this web site, simpler back supports that don't have a lot of adjustability, accessories or support options. These backs will generally be less expensive then the more complicated back supports for wheelchairs but they should not be considered inferior. They simply offer better back support than the wheelchair upholstery without the many bells and whistles that many wheelchair users don't need, and won't ever use.

Invacare Curved Wheelchair Back

The Curved Back is designed for users who require a solid back support. Accessories, such as lateral supports, shoulder supports, and a headrest can be added and adjusted easily. The Curved Back will benefit users who want firm support and the ability to offset the hammock effect of sling upholstery.

  • Slightly curved profile fits natural back contours.
  • Combination of comfort foam and visco-elastic foam with built-in sacral support provides pelvic positioning.
  • Strong curved plywood is T-Nutted for easy interfacing and adjustment of lateral supports, shoulder supports and headrests.
  • Zippered cloth cover protects foam from moisture, adds comfort, and allows easy access for modification
  • Drop-hooks and twist-and-release cane clamps improve portability and allow for changes in orientation of the back within the chair frame.
Invacare Curved Back

Invacare Personal Wheelchair Back

The versatile Invacare Personal Back is designed to provide the user with postural support and spinal alignment. It provides comfort and lateral stability with lumbar support and built-in lateral supports.

  • Quick Set(TM) hardware features self-adjusting cane clamps.
  • Lightweight aluminum shell for increased strength and durability.
  • Pre-drilled headrest mounting pattern for easy attachment of headrests.
  • Laterals redesigned to increase midline support without interfering with upper extremity movement.
  • Wide range of sizes to fit the user and chair dimensions.
Invacare Personal Back

Jay Xtreme Wheelchair Back

A revolutionary lightweight, dynamic, and low profile back support. Designed for the high performance rigid wheelchair user. It replaces back upholstery and provides optimal posterior pelvic support, reducing fatigue and maximizing function.

  • Pelvic support maximizes sitting performance.
  • Lumbar support helps reduce low back fatigue.
  • Low-profile design does not restrict movement.
  • Weighs under 2.5 pounds.
  • Height-adjustable personalized fit.
  • High-strength aluminum back shell.
Jay Xtreme Back Support

Roho JetStream Pro Wheelchair Back

The new JetStream Pro from The ROHO Group revolutionizes the back support market with a full height back that weighs only ounces more than standard upholstery. With its lightweight and stable design, this ultralight back is specifically designed to maximize the performance of any rigid manual wheelchair. Sharp, clean lines combined with cutting edge materials make the JetStream Pro as appealing to the eye as it is lightweight.

  • 16" back weighs under two pounds.
  • Standard Back is 16" tall and Low Back is 10" tall.
  • Lightweight: Minimizes the stress on the users body, and maximizes independence.
  • Optimizes Performance: Tight design maximizes the effectiveness of every push of the wheelchair.
  • Attractive: Carbon Fiber is sleek, and provides a beautiful finish.
  • Price includes back, mounting hardware, back cushion with cover, installation wrench and detailed instructions.
Roho Jet Stream Back Support

Varilite Talon Specialty Wheelchair Back

The Talon Wheelchair Back properly positions clients with spinal cord injury by supporting the PSIS and, because it is ultralight weight, reduces fatigue and joint strain for those who manually propel. Plus, the Talon's low-profile design and contemporary finish complement modern wheelchairs. The innovative mounting hardware makes it exceptionally adjustable.

Varilite Talon Wheelchair Backrest

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