Positioning Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair cushions used for positioning are usually fairly aggressively contoured and while many will also provide excellent pressure relief their primary purpose is to allow a user to sit as well posturally as possible.

Many positioning cushions are designed and contoured for the average person but some cushions can be modified or adjusted to meet the needs of users with more complicated seating issues. These modifications can be made by cutting or carving the cushion bases on some models or adding components on other models.

Action® Xact® Classic Cushion

The Classic offers outstanding pressure distribution and anti-shear properties. The 9/16" Action® cube pad and laminated foam base help the user maintain a comfortable, therapeutic position.

Rehab therapists most often recommend the Classic for users requiring forward and lateral positional support. The recent re-design that incorporates viscoelastic pink foam offers improved support for gluteal areas and bony protuberances.

The breathable Body Smart® cover combines a gripping front panel that provides pelvic stability with a multi-layer back panel that minimizes ischial shear. Cover included with this product unless otherwise specified. Incontinent and replacement covers are also available.

  • Standard sizing 10" x 10" to 20" x 20"
  • Custom sizes available
  • Removable cover helps minimize the effects of shear and friction
  • Incontinent covers available
Action Xact Classic Cushion

Action® Xact® LP2 Cushion

The Xact® LP2 allows a low seat to floor height for active users and moderate to high risk clients. Its unique construction floats the user in a pool of Akton® Polymer, cushioning critical pressure points for long lasting comfort and support.

The innovative cover minimizes high risk shear and prevents forward migration.

  • Standard sizing 16" x 16" to 18" x 18"
  • Removable cover helps minimize the effects of shear and friction
  • Multiple layers of foams and polymers for pressure relief and excellent immersion
  • Back cane securement loops
  • Cover orientation windows for proper positioning
Action LP2 Cushion

Action® Xact® Soft SL Cushion

The New Xact® Soft SL from Action takes the best of the Xact® Soft and improves it with even more pelvic support.

  • 9/16" Akton® polymer cube pad maintains client comfort and position
  • Laminated foam base and cover protect against incontinence
  • Streamlined back edge for maximum comfort and positioning
  • Superior cushion immersion
  • Standard sizing 16" x 16" to 20" x 20"
  • Removable cover helps minimize the effects of shear and friction

The standard cover is sold with the Soft SL. Replacement covers are available.

Action Soft SL Cushion

Action® Xact® Individual Modular Cushion

The Individual allows a seating specialist or less experienced therapist to custom-build an individual seating cushion tailored to a wheelchair user's specific seating needs.

By using the various XACT® Positioning Assessment Kit component pieces, a therapist can build a personalized seating product that provides comfort, low shear, corrective positioning, and high-quality pressure management. The therapist can actually try various seating intervention strategies before deciding on a final configuration.

Individual cushions are customized and ordered by the therapist and assembled into a final product by Action Products, Inc. Thousands of unique seating combinations are available.

The breathable Body Smart® cover combines a gripping front panel that provides pelvic stability with a multi-layer back panel that minimizes ischial shear. Cover included with this product unless otherwise specified. Incontinent and replacement covers are also available.

  • Sizing 14" x 14" to 20" x 20" in 1" increments
  • Removable cover helps minimize the effects of shear and friction
  • Incontinent covers available
Action Individual Cushion

Invacare Infinity Visco Foam Wheelchair Cushion

All Invacare Infinity wheelchair cushions are constructed of three distinct layers that work together to provide optimal support, positioning and pressure reduction to meet individual needs. The Visco Foam provides excellent conformity to bony prominences.

The Lo Contour features a low, non-contoured front end for very active users.

The Gentle Contour features abductor/adductor contouring helps provide neutral leg positioning.

The Max Contour model features contouring for aggressive leg positioning and enhanced pressure redistribution.

  • State-of-the-art modular seating system.
  • Postural support layer constructed of durable, high-density polyurethane foam.
  • Pelvic support layer made from molded, high-density viscoelastic foam.
  • Lightweight, maintenance free ViscoFoam.
  • Moisture proof inner cover.
  • Breathable design allows circulation to help user stay cool and dry.
Infinity Visco Foam Cushion

Jay Wheelchair Cushion

For pressure reduction, stability and positioning. Includes a molded urethane foam base with a Jay Flow Fluid pad and comes standard with a stretch cover. There are many inserts available for purchase for Jay cushions for positioning needs. Pommels, adductors, hip guides and obliquity build ups are a few of the more popular inserts. Inserts are sold individually so the user doesn't have to purchase inserts they don't need.

Optional cushion inserts can be purchased for Jay cushions to enhance their positioning qualities.

Jay Wheelchair Cushion

Roho Contour Select Wheelchair Cushion

The ROHO Contour Select Wheelchair Cushion's contoured design combined with the simple operation of the ISOFLO® Memory Control´┐Ż Unit provides a new level of postural control and stability that has never been achieved in an air cushion. The contoured design positions the pelvis back in the wheelchair, and centers the user comfortably in the middle of cushion. The ISOFLO Memory Control Unit locks air into each of the four quadrants, providing stability by minimizing side-to-side and front to back motion. These features provide the stability that will allow you to maximize function while minimizing tissue deformation.

  • Prevents and heals pressure sores.
  • Allows you to sit in the same position with same support each time.
  • Make postural adjustments while seated on the cushion.
  • Easily cleaned and cover is machine washable.
Roho Select Contour Wheelchair Cushion

Roho Hybrid Elite Wheelchair Cushion

Specially designed for ROHO™, the Jay® contoured foam base accommodates lower extremity and pelvic alignment and control and offers added stability to make transfers safer and easier. Ideal for those at high to moderate risk of skin breakdown, the adjustable, ROHO DRY FLOATATION™ cushion envelopes and conforms to the body's shape, reducing friction and shear that can lead to pressure ulcers.

The cushion is available in single or dual compartment models. The single compartment allows for even air flow through the cushion while those needing more specific positioning due to hip displacement should choose the dual compartment option.

  • Combines protection and comfort of ROHO™ with stability and positioning benefits of Jay®
  • Carved leg troughs for a more comfortable fit
  • For moderate to high risk skin breakdown
  • Cushion height of the cells is 3.25"
  • All parts are washable
  • Cover, pump and repair kit included
  • 23 sizes available
Roho Hybrid Elite  Wheelchair Cushion

Stimulite Contoured Wheelchair Cushion

The Supracor Stimulite Contoured Wheelchair Cushion is recommended for paras, quads and other individuals requiring a high level of pressure management in addition to upper body positioning. A rear dish features a sweet spot, softer honeycomb material that contains the ischials and coccyx and helps to prevent hammocking.

  • Rear dish for optimal pelvic positioning.
  • Sweet spot helps prevent hammocking.
  • Adductors, abductor for leg positioning.
  • Perforated honeycomb circulates air and evaporates moisture.
  • Breathable cover and side vents for complete ventilation.
  • Wallet pocket can be concealed underneath the cushion.
Stimulite Contoured Wheelchair Cushion

Varilite Pro-Form Wheelchair Cushion

Comprised of both foam and air, the Varilite ProForm Wheelchair Cushion utilizes adjustable cells for contouring. These adjustable air cells improve posture control and isolate high pressure points. The ProForm is fit by adjusting the volume of air and/or the wedge placement.

  • Single cushion system provides excellent pressure relief and positioning.
  • Dual cushion system is benficial when working with pelvic obliquities, increasing stability and pressure relief.
  • Advanced design of the soft, closed cell foam base provides a deep ischial pan for increased floatation with sculpted contrours to promote better positioning.
  • Wedge provides an adjustable positioning component to reduce the angle between the pelvis and the thigh.
  • Washable incontinent cover is breathable for increased air circulation.
  • Optional solid seat insert helps eliminate hammocking of seat upholstery.
Varilite Pro-Form Wheelchair Cushion

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