Jay Wheelchair Cushions

Jay Seating is a division of Sunrise Medical a full line home health care supplier. Jay cushions for wheelchairs come in a variety of size styles and types to meet the needs of a large range of user types.

Jay Basic Wheelchair Cushion

The Jay Basic is a 2.5" thick, mildly contoured wheelchair cushion.  It is a soft, foam cushion designed to provide stability and comfort for the person with a flexible posture at low risk for skin breakdown.

  • Mildly contoured foam base provides comfort and stability.
  • Cost-effective cushion choice.
  • Durable molded foam base.
  • Moisture-resistant cover.
  • Non-skid bottom.
  • Velcro attachment for wheelchair included.
Jay Basic Cushion

Jay Combi Wheelchair Cushion

A wheelchair cushion with two distinct, but integrated layers of foam encased in a moisture resistant coating. Designed for the person needing mild to moderate postural support who is at low risk for skin breakdown. Designed to give years of performance, it has a five-year warranty.

  • Firm inner foam helps improve posture.
  • Soft outer layer of foam provides comfortable sitting surface.
  • Moisture-resistant coating protects foam layer.
  • Non-skid surface eliminates sliding of cushion in the chair.
  • Designed to last much longer than ordinary foam cushions.
Jay Combi Cushion

Jay Care Wheelchair Cushion

The Jay Care Wheelchair Cushion is a simple, moisture resistant one piece seating system. It is designed primarily for the person at moderate risk for skin breakdown who sits with a fixed posterior pelvic tilt.To be used on sling upholstery.

  • Made of soft, contoured foam.
  • Segmented design helps prevent sliding.
  • Built-in Jay Flow Fluid.
  • Moisture-resistant casing.
  • Reinforced curved bottom allows cushion to be positioned up to 2 inches beyond support surface.
Jay Care wheelchair Cushion

Jay Duo Wheelchair Cushion

An integrated, contoured solid seat pan with a soft foam and fluid seat wheelchair cushion. Designed to replace the sling upholstery and maintain the seat to floor height as low as possible. Provides optimal comfort and skin protection for the moderate risk person with mild positioning needs.

  • Lightweight aluminum solid seat.
  • Firm base of support.
  • Soft foam cushion increases comfort and resists incontinence.
  • Two Quick-Dry covers allow one to be washed while the other is on the chair.
  • Jay Flow Tripad helps to lower direct sitting pressure.
Jay Duo Wheelchair Cushion

Jay Xtreme Wheelchair Cushion

An extremely lightweight and low profile seat wheelchair cushion. Designed for the active person who needs mild positioning, moderate to high skin protection, and optimal comfort.

  • Lightweight components help to reduce fatigue.
  • Soft foam helps absorb road shock.
  • Low maintenance fluid pad.
  • Convenient cushion handle
  • Zipped front pocket fastens underneath the cushion.
  • Moisture-resistant coating protects foam.
Jay Xtreme Wheelchair Cushion

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