Jay Wheelchair Cushions

Jay 2 Recline Wheelchair Cushion

The Jay 2 Recline Wheelchair Cushion reduces the movement of fluid to the rear of the fluid pad. This helps prevent bottoming out against the front wall of the wheelchair cushion. Bottoming out can occur when the position of the pelvis changes due to a reclined position.

  • Controls fluid migration to the rear of the seat well.
  • Designed for tilt and/or reclining seating systems.
  • Appropriate for postures that slouch.
  • Helps prevent bottoming out against the front wall of the cushion.
Jay Recliner Cushion
Jay Active Wheelchair Cushion

The Jay Active Wheelchair Cushion is designed with a level surface from front-to-back and side-to-side to make shifting and transferring easier. The wheelchair cushion's curved bottom counteracts the adverse affects of sling seat upholstery and improves leg position, without the need of a heavy solid seat.

  • Fluid pad helps relieve pressure and reduce the effects of shearing.
  • Center seam stops lateral fluid movement to promote and stabilize a level pelvis position.
  • Lightweight, contoured foam base for enhanced balance and stability.
  • Lateral thigh supports improve leg position for tall users.
  • Incontinence base cover protects foam from moisture absorption.
  • Curved bottom helps neutralize the effects of a sling seat.
  • AirExchange cover helps reduce heat and perspiration.
Jay Active Wheelchair Cushion
Jay Wheelchair Cushion

For pressure reduction, stability and positioning. Includes a molded urethane foam base with a Jay Flow Fluid pad and comes standard with a stretch cover.

Modular inserts can be purchased for the Jay Cushion to enhance it's positioning properties. SOme of these inserts include adductors, abductors, obliquity build ups and pommels.

Jay Wheelchair Cushion
Jay Protector Specialty Cushion

The Jay Protector Wheelchair Cushion gives users the freedom to go anywhere that they want. A durable, strap-on sling holds a small fluid-filled wheelchair cushion to help prevent pressure sores when out of the wheelchair.

  • Available in junior and adult sizes.
  • Easy snap buckles for attachment.
  • Durable nylon ballistic cloth.
  • Waterproof for bath or bathing.
Jay Protector Specialty Cushion

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