Pressure Reduction Wheelchair Cushions

Pressure reduction wheelchair cushions are designed to distribute the user's weight over a larger area and reduce the pressure in areas susceptible to pressure sores and skin breakdown.

Pressure reduction cushions use a variety of materials to allow the user to sink into the cushion and redistribute their weight. Common materials and systems to provide immersion include air inflated cushions, gel, polymer, memory foams or a combination of these materials.

Action® Xact® Soft SL Cushion

The New Xact® Soft SL from Action takes the best of the Xact® Soft and improves it with even more pelvic support.

  • 9/16" Akton® polymer cube pad maintains client comfort and position
  • Laminated foam base and cover protect against incontinence
  • Streamlined back edge for maximum comfort and positioning
  • Superior cushion immersion
  • Standard sizing 16" x 16" to 20" x 20"
  • Removable cover helps minimize the effects of shear and friction

The standard cover is sold with the Soft SL. Replacement covers are available.

Action Soft SL Cushion

Action® Xact® LP2 Cushion

The Xact® LP2 allows a low seat to floor height for active users and moderate to high risk clients. Its unique construction floats the user in a pool of Akton® Polymer, cushioning critical pressure points for long lasting comfort and support.

The innovative cover minimizes high risk shear and prevents forward migration.

  • Standard sizing 16" x 16" to 18" x 18"
  • Removable cover helps minimize the effects of shear and friction
  • Multiple layers of foams and polymers for pressure relief and excellent immersion
  • Back cane securement loops
  • Cover orientation windows for proper positioning
Action LP2 Cushion

Pride Synergy Solution 1 Wheelchair Cushion

For the active wheelchair user, the Pride Solution Wheelchair Cushion has a contoured, wrap-and-lift base designed with high density, high resiliency (HR) polyurethane foam that redistributes weight away from areas vulnerable to skin breakdown. This, along with a twin-cell gel well, dual viscoelastic foam layers, 4-way stretch top fabric, pliable urethane fluid resistant inner liner and non-slip bottom, offers pressure management, positioning and long lasting comfort.

  • Wrap around design keeps the user centered.
  • Works with all seating solutions, including solid seat pans and sling seats.
  • Removable and washable outer cover. Zips off.
  • Non-Slip base.
  • High-density base for stability. Twin-Cell gel area distributes weight.
Pride Synergy Solution 1 Wheelchair Cushion

Jay 2 Wheelchair Cushion

The J2 Wheelchair Cushion is a lightweight, low maintenance wheelchair cushion designed for the person at high risk for skin breakdown. Custom cuts and modifications are available to meet specific client needs.

  • Contoured for correct anatomical fit.
  • Moisture-proof closed cell foam base is easily modified.
  • Soft contoured foam inside the fluid pad increases comfort.
  • JF35 moves with the body to reduce friction, heat and shear.
  • Covers slip on for easy installation.
Jay 2 Wheelchair Cushion

Jay 2 Deep Contour Wheelchair Cushion

The J2 Deep Contour Wheelchair Cushion is an ultra lightweight, pre-contoured foam base with a 3D Jay Flow Fluid Tri-Pad. It is designed for the person at extremely high risk of skin breakdown, who also seeks unparalleled comfort and stability.

  • Ultra lightweight, moisture-proof foam base for support and positioning.
  • Deep seat well increases contact and promotes superior pressure distribution.
  • Ultra lightweight JF35 Jay Flow Fluid requires no maintenance.
  • Elongated seat well accommodates a posterior pelvic position.
  • Seat well narrows at the rear to support and position the fluid pad.
  • Front handle for easy transfers.
Jay J 2 Deep Contour Cushion

Roho High Profile Wheelchair Cushion

With 4 inch cells, the Roho High Profile Wheelchair Cushion is the wheelchair cushion of choice for individuals who suffer from pressure sores or have a history of tissue breakdown. It utilizes a multi-cellular, air-filled design allowing adjustment to the unique contours of the individual user.

  • Maximizes pressure distribution.
  • Maximizes blood flow and nutrient exchange.
  • Minimizes shock and impact.
  • Conforms to your body's shape.
  • Adjusts to your body's changes over time.
Roho High Profile Wheelchair Cushion

Roho Quadtro Select Wheelchair Cushion

For individuals who require special positioning of the pelvis or thighs and are at risk of skin breakdown, the ROHO Quadtro with 4 inch cell height and air in place progressive positioning is the wheelchair cushion of choice. The ROHO Quadtro Cushion with the ISOFLO Valve open provides the same therapeutic value as a single compartment ROHO High Profile Cushion.

  • Prevents pressure sores.
  • Adjusts to your ideal position.
  • Helps maintain an upright sitting position.
  • Enhances functioning capabilities.
  • Positions for improved posture.
  • Capable of being adjusted over time to correct, counteract or fine tunea leaning or stability problem.
Roho Quadtro Select Wheelchair Cushion

Span-America Isch-Dish Wheelchair Cushion

The most direct seating solution for those with, or at high risk for pressure sores at the ischium or coccyx. Patented, fit-to-the-user, open pocket design provides pressure elimination and ventilation at the ulcer site. This is an important complement to any wound treatment and for long term prevention. Promotes healthful, upright posture by controlling pelvic tilt. It also reduces "sacral sitting" that can cause breakdown.

  • Includes support core protected by Durafilm (TM).
  • Contoured front for added positioning.
  • Sleek easy-open zippered cover.
  • 3.5" Thick.
Span-America Isch-Dish Wheelchair Cushion

Stimulite Classic Wheelchair Cushion

The Stimulite Classic Wheelchair Cushion is a lightweight, maintenance-free wheelchair cushion that provides excellent pressure relief. It offers the added convenience of machine washability, making it ideal for the incontinent user. The multi-layered honeycomb provides internal contouring for stability and uniform weight distribution.

  • Multilayered honeycomb provides internal contouring for uniform load distribution.
  • Side bolsters give added support.
  • Lightweight--less than 3 pounds.
  • Machine washable and dryer safe.
  • Accommodates an optional incontinence pad.
  • Total ventilation through the use of perforated honeycomb that circulates air and evaporates moisture.
  • Breathable cover and side vents for complete ventilation.
Stimulite Classic Wheelchair Cushion form Supracor

Trulife Gel Air Contour Wheelchair Cushion

The Trulife Gel Air Contour Wheelchair Cushion is a very comfortable wheelchair cushion that contains a unique right and left air chambers have 24 interconnected cells in each chamber improving risk protection against pressure ulcers. The contoured cell range of the Trulife Gel Air Contour Wheelchair Cushion enhances posture and proper positioning.

In addition to providing comfortable therapeutic support, the Trulife Gel Air Contour Wheelchair Cushion features a stretchy and breathable cover with an anti-slip bottom. The easy-to-clean cover is ideal for incontinent users.

  • Right and Left Air Chambers have 24 interconnected cells in each chamber
  • Contoured cell range enhances posture and proper positioning
  • Each cell covered with a layer of pressure relieving silicone based TRUGEL
  • 1" foam base
  • Lightweight and easily transported
  • Polyurethane does not break down.
  • Stretchy and breathable cover with anti-slip bottom
  • Easy to clean and maintain
Truelife Air Gel Contour Wheelchair Cushion

Varilite Pro-Form Wheelchair Cushion

Comprised of both foam and air, the Varilite ProForm Wheelchair Cushion utilizes adjustable cells for contouring. These adjustable air cells improve posture control and isolate high pressure points. The ProForm is fit by adjusting the volume of air and/or the wedge placement.

  • Single cushion system provides excellent pressure relief and positioning.
  • Dual cushion system is benficial when working with pelvic obliquities, increasing stability and pressure relief.
  • Advanced design of the soft, closed cell foam base provides a deep ischial pan for increased floatation with sculpted contrours to promote better positioning.
  • Wedge provides an adjustable positioning component to reduce the angle between the pelvis and the thigh.
  • Washable incontinent cover is breathable for increased air circulation.
  • Optional solid seat insert helps eliminate hammocking of seat upholstery.
Varilite Pro-Form Wheelchair Cushion

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