Span-America Wheelchair Cushions

Span-America is a manufacturer of wheelchair cushions and various pressure relief systems for beds and positioning products. Their Wheelchair cushions range from basic comfort, to positioning, to positioning with pressure relief, to cushions that will aid in treating existing pressure sores.

Span-America Geo-Matt Contour Wheelchair Cushion

With it's proven Geo-Matt design plus pelvic "bucketing", contoured leg channels and center abductor, the Span-America Geo-Matt Contour wheelchair cushion is excellent for user positioning at an affordable price.

  • Encased in a wipe-clean Durafilm incontinence-proof coating.
  • Cover has supple, stretch fabric top.
  • Offers skin protection, pain relief and postural support.
Span-America Geo-Matt Contour Wheelchair Cushion

Span-America Isch-Dish Thin Wheelchair Cushion

The Isch-Dish Thin by Span-America provides pressure relief, positioning and pain relief for the user that is not at high rish for pressure sores. It is 1.25" lower than the standard Isch-Dish making it ideal for use with hemi-chairs, office chairs and car seats. It is a preferred choice of active users in lightweight wheelchairs.

  • Protected by Durafilm incontinence-proof coating.
  • Machine-washable cover.
  • Designed to provide skin protection, pain relief and postural support.
Span-America Isch-Dish Thin Cushion

Span-America Isch-Dish Wheelchair Cushion

The most direct seating solution for those with, or at high risk for pressure sores at the ischium or coccyx. Patented, fit-to-the-user, open pocket design provides pressure elimination and ventilation at the ulcer site. This is an important complement to any wound treatment and for long term prevention. Promotes healthful, upright posture by controlling pelvic tilt. It also reduces "sacral sitting" that can cause breakdown.

  • Includes support core protected by Durafilm (TM).
  • Contoured front for added positioning.
  • Sleek easy-open zippered cover.
  • 3.5" Thick.
Span-America Isch-Dish Wheelchair Cushion

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