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Covers & Canopies

Wheelchairs and scooters are designed to resist a certain amount of weather when the user is caught outdoors during a rain or snow shower but long term exposure to sun, rain and snow can not only soil the equipment but cause fairly expensive damage to the electronics.

Scooters and wheelchairs are expensive items and it is worth the owner's while to protect the look of them. Covers and canopies will not only protect the appearance of this equipment they will also protect the electronics from water damage.

Some covers are designed to be used when the wheelchair or scooter is not in use while others are designed to protect the equipment and the user while driving. Below are 4 examples of covers and canopies available for scooters and wheelchairs.

Joystick Cover

Joystick covers are designed to protect power wheelchair joysticks from the weather.

The clear plastic on the top of this joystick cover allows the user to see the battery gauge, speed settings and other controls found on wheelchair joysticks.

Another feature of this cover is the opening can be adjusted large enough to allow the user to slip their hand inside and drive their wheelchair with the cover protecting both the joystick and the user's hand.

Joystick Cover

Scooter & Power Wheelchair Covers

Scooters are designed to be used outside and are resistant to the weather but they are not designed to be stored out in the elements and can be damaged by sun, snow and rain. While it is not recommended that scooters be left out in the elements for long periods of time these covers will protect them and keep them clean for short periods of storage.

These pictured covers are made of durable, mildew-resistant 420-denier nylon and feature elasticized reinforced seams. If extra cinching is needed, cover has grommets along the bottom edge to attach bungee cords (not included).

Scooter Cover
Power Wheelchair Cover

Scooter Canopy

Scooter canopies are aftermarket products that are available most wheelchair vendors and are used to protect the user from the elements.

Most scooter canopies are intended for protection from the sun but they will also provide a limited amount of protection from light rain and snow showers.

The pictured canopy is available with vented sides and back to provide air circulation or non-vented sides to provide more weather protection. There is also a model with sides for the maximum protection from rain and snow while driving.

Scooter Cover

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