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Raiser Air Powered Stand Assist

The Raiser Lifting Cushion is an aid to daily living device specifically designed to help raise a person from a seated position to standing to make leaving a chair, whelchair.

The Raiser is perfect for those people who need help to safely lift themselves out of a chair in an independent and dignified way. For those requiring assistance when using the Raiser, help can easily be given by just one person, making it a valuable aid for single-handed care.

As the lifting device is extremely portable the Raiser cushion is perfect for those who like to travel. It can easily be taken on holidays, day trips or be used in anyone else’s house.


  • Helps standing from a chair
  • Helps standing from a wheelchair
  • Helps getting out of a car
  • Helps getting out of bed


  • Will fit on any armchair and can easily be transferred from chair to chair
  • Can be used to help with getting out of a car
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • No installation required
  • Anti-microbial material that is easy to clean
  • Can lift up to 420 lbs (190kg)
  • Easy use single button control raises & lowers cushion
  • Can be used independently
  • Suitable for a variety of different situations where it's helpful to have help rising


  • Lifts up to: 420 lbs
  • Inflated seat height: 9"
  • Inflated width: 17"
  • Inflated depth: 17"


Download the Raiser User Instructions

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