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Planet Lift Chairs

Planet lift chairs are a selection of lift chairs from EZee Life™. There are currently seven models, named after various planets in our solar system, that offer a variety of features and styles. The EZee Life™ brand is Factory Direct Medical's own brand of home health care products and their products are available directly to the public online through a variety of websites. They are also available to most "bricks and mortar" home health care stores in Canada through HPU Rehab.

The Planet line is broken down into four types of chairs based on the chair features.

Planet Venus Lift Chair

The Basics

The first grouping of planet chairs include the Jupiter, Venus and Pluto models. These models are pretty basic infinite position lift chairs that vary a little bit in style and dimensions but are basically the same chair.

The one feature that sets these chairs apart from other lift chairs is they come standard with four locking casters that can be installed for people who may want to be able to more easily move the chairs around their room or home. I would advise that these casters be installed only if the lift chair user will be able to transfer into or out of the chair safely and the casters are kept locked except for when the chair is being moved.

The chairs in this group can be purchased in either blue or brown fabric upholstery.

Click here for more information on the Basics.

Planet Saturn Lift Chair

The Upgrade

The second group contains only one chair, the Saturn. It has the same features as the previous group but also includes an adjustable tray and a cup holder for the user's convenience. The style of the chair chair is different from the other models and the dimensions vary a bit but over all this is a similar chair.

The Saturn is available with either brown or blue fabric upholstery.

Click here for more information on the Upgrade.

Planet Mercury Lift Chair

The Maximum

The third group also only contains one chair, the Mercury. This is truly the high end of the spectrum of chairs that contains all the features of the previous groups but also includes heat and massage and genuine leather upholstery.

The Mercury is available with dark brown and tan leather upholstery. As I understand it, black leather will be added to the upholstery choices in 2016.

Click here for more information on the Maximum.

Planet Earth Lift Chair

The Institutional

The final grouping included the Mars and Earth models. These two chair models were designed for a more institutional setting and offer some unique features that I'm not sure any other manufacturer offers. These chairs operate in the same manner as all other lift chair but they also include a vertical lift, removable arms and removable shoulder wings.

The idea is that the the chair can be fully reclined, elevated to the height of a bed and with the arms and shoulder wings removed the user can be slid directly onto or off of the chair with a side transfer movement and minimal lifting. As far as I know, they are the only chairs that don't require the user to stand to transfer into or out of them.

These chairs are also equipped with 3" locking casters and a rear push bar for transporting the patient/user. When the chair is elevated, either normally or vertically, the front casters are lifted off the floor creating more stability.

These chairs also have incontinent proof upholstery as a standard feature but are only available in an earth grey colour.

Click here for more information on the Institutionals.

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