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Uplift Technologies

Uplift Technologies is a manufacturer of stand assist products rather than conventional lift chairs and their products have their own benefits and drawbacks which separate them from lift chairs. Uplift's portable products are great for those who travel and can't take their lift chair with them.

Uplift Technologies Uplift Lifting Cushion

Uplift Technologies Uplift Lifting Cushion Uplift Seat Assists

Uplift Seat Assist is a self-powered, lifting cushion that helps users gently seat and raise themselves from a chair or stable seating surface. It provides safe, controlled support and lifts up to 80% of a user's body weight. Lightweight and portable, Uplift Seat Assist can be used in any room of the home.

Uplift Technologies PowerUplift Seat

Uplift Technologies UPEASY Power Uplift Seat Assists

The new UPEASY Power Seat can easily transform any armchair (or stable seating surface) into a lift chair. It provides 100% lift for users weighing up to 300 lb (136 kg), and can safely be used in recliners. UPEASY Power Seat also has the added benefit of being portable. Weighing only 12 lb (5.4 kg)

Uplift 2

Uplift Technologies Risedale Lift Only 2 Position Lift Chair

The new Risedale is a classic wing chair with built-in seat-lift. Risedale offers a stylish alternative to the more casually styled lift chairs that are available. Risedale is perfect if you are looking for a more stylish lifting solution and don't need a recline function. It is especially useful in smaller spaces, since it is compact, and you can put it right up against a wall.

Two position with Ottoman

Uplift Technologies Risedale Lift Only 2 Position Lift Chair with Ottoman

The matching ottoman for the Risedale 2 position chair can be purchased individually or with the Risedale as needed. This upholstered ottoman has a built-in storage area and comes in a variety of fabrics to match your new or existing Risedale lift chair.

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