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Rowheels Wheelchair Wheels
Rowheels Wheelchair Wheels

Rowheels Wheelchair Wheels

Rowheels are manufactured in the USA and available for purchase directly from Rowheels or through distributors in North America and Australia. Rowheels are of such a unique nature and may provide such a benefit to many wheelchair users that I wanted to let people know about them.

What are they?

Rowheels are propulsion assist wheels that can be added to many existing wheelchairs that allow users to propel their wheelchairs forward by pulling backwards on the hand rims in the same basic manner as a person would propel a row boat. The big difference is the user is facing the direction they are traveling.

Why are they?

Many experienced wheelchair users will back over rough terrain or up slopes because it's easier to propel a manual wheelchair backwards than forward. One of the reasons for this is leading with the larger rear wheels allows the wheelchair to roll easier than leading with the front casters.

The other reason is that the human body is better designed to pull than to push.

Rowheels Wheelchair Wheels
Rowheels Wheelchair Wheels
  • Pulling bio-mechanics distribute propulsion forces amongst several capable shoulder and upper back muscles, reducing strain on individual muscles including those overused during push wheeling.
  • Pulling is better for your shoulders; a large number of manual wheelchair users experience shoulder damage eventually due to pushing their wheelchair and studies done for Rowheels indicate that pulling on the hand rim instead of pushing will help prevent shoulder injury and actually strengthen the shoulders.
  • People using Rowheels have a larger range of motion than those using conventional wheels. When propelling with normal wheels the user grasps the hand rims at about twelve o'clock and pushes through to about 9 o'clock. With Rowheels the user grasps the hand rims at about 9 o'clock and pulls back through 12 o'clock to 2 or 3 o'clock.
  • Pulling bio-mechanics reduce the large compressive impact forces present at the beginning of every pushing stroke. These forces are known to contribute to the occurrence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Rowheels Gear image

How do they work?

Rowheels incorporate a gear system within the wheel hub that effectively reverses the rotation of the wheel in relation to the hand rims. When you pull back on the hand rims, the wheels turn forward and the chair moves forward.

Rowheel Models

Rowheels are available in three designs, the REV-LX, REV-HX and REV-3.

The REV-LX Rowheels are geared to reduce the effort needed to propel the wheelchair by 25% as compared to fixed hand rim wheels. This effort reduction means users with less strength can propel their wheelchair easier and farther.

The REV-HX Rowheels are geared to travel longer distances than standard wheels based on the "stroke" length and provide improved performance. The REV-HL wheels spin 30% faster than the hand rims so the distance the wheelchair travels is 30% farther.

The REV-3 wheels are their most affordable wheels of the three. They are the same wheel that they mount to their Revolution 1.0 wheelchair. The REV-3 can be ordered with either the standard bolt-on axle or with quick release axles and is only available in the 24" size.


  • Reduces strength needed to propel a wheelchair (REV-LX)
  • Travels 30% farther than std wheels (REV-HX)
  • Increases stamina in manual wheelchair users
  • Reduces shoulder injury and pain
  • Increases range of motion when propelling
  • Improves posture
  • Strengthens upper back and shoulder muscles


  • High strength glass fiber composite tri-spoke hub
  • The wheel hub/housing is made from strong, ultra light weight magnesium alloy
  • Steel components are precipitation hardened and heat-treated for strength and reliability
  • Gears are a unique polymer that allows for strong and precise components six times lighter than steel gears.
  • Selection of optional hand rims reduce hand and wrist pain


Available wheel sizes: 22”, 24”, 25”, 26”
Gear ratio: 1:1.31 (HX) & 0.75:1 (LX)
Added weight:
Approximately 3 lbs/pair heavier than steel spoke wheels
Maximum user weight: 300 lbs. (136 kg)
Maximum camber: 6 Degrees
Axle Type: Quick-release, 1/2” diameter (bolt-on for REV-3)
Frame adapter: Fits most popular ultra-light manual wheelchairs
Hand rim options: Natural-fit, The Surge, Q-grip, Projection
Wheel hub: Magnesium alloy (HX), Aluminum (LX)
Hand rim hub: Glass-filled nylon composite
Tire options: Schwalbe Rightrun, Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evo., Kenda Nevegal, Shox solid (solid tires only on REV-3)

Clinical Studies

Rowheels have several studies that support their assertions and the premise of their wheels. The studies are available here: www.rowheels.com/research-studies/

Rowheels Video


2895 Commerce Park Dr.,
Fitchburg, WI,

Phone: (608) 268-9670
Website: http://rowheels.com
Email: info@rowheels.com

For more information please visit http://rowheels.com

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