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Tilt-a-rack products are not available from any dealers in Canada that I'm aware of. I've left them on the site because they are simple designs, relatively low cost and, in my opinion, a worthwhile product.

The current distributor doesn't seem to have any interest in setting up dealers in Canada but they can be bought online and shipped here. My best suggestion is to seacrh for them with your favourite search engine to find dealers.

Tilt-A-Rack 500ARV Plus Carrier

The Tilt-a-Rack® Scooter Carrier 500 RV Plus makes transporting even the largest four-wheeled scooters effortless. The Tilt-a-Rack® Scooter Carrier is easy to install and use. There are no electronic components. Gravity and balance work for you!

Tilt-A-Rack 500ARV Plus Carrier


  • All Aluminum Construction makes this the lightest choice in it's category.
  • Designed for larger scooters including the Pride Wrangler.
  • Deck extends up to 59" and tilts for easy loading.
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Weight: 84 lbs.

More Information

  • 63" x 38" usable space...this is the only outside lift available that will handle the Pride Wrangler PMV.
  • The carrier has a hinging device located just behind the hitch. The hinging device has three positions. Each position uses a 5/8" pin. The first position keeps the rack locked in the horizontal position. The second position allows the loaded scooter rack to lift and float over dips and curbs. The third position will permit you to store the rack in a vertical position.
  • The leveling bolt on the frame beneath the platform keeps the carrier level for each type of vehicle and levels the center of gravity of the many types of chairs and scooters. 
  • The tilt feature eliminates the need for ramps. With the flip of a latch, the rack tilts easily toward the passenger side. It conveniently reaches the curb for parallel parking. The deck extender pulls out from beneath the scooter, reducing the angle of incline. This feature is especially helpful when a handicap curb is not available.
  • The two set bolts eliminate the minute movement of the hitch bar when inside the hitch receiver. They are tightened to the face of the receiver immediately after you attach the carrier to your vehicle. Works with a 2" class III hitch (standard). If you have a class II 1 1/4" trailer, just add the optional Class II hitch bar.
  • For low or smaller vehicles, add the height-adjustable Class II or III hitch bar.

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