Harmer AL003 Tilt-n-Tote Wheelchair Carrier

Harmer AL003 Tilt-n-Tote Wheelchair Carrier

Harmar AL003 Tilt-n-Tote Wheelchair Carrier

Harmar's AL003 Tilt-n-Tote utilizes a unique hold-down arm to secure almost any standard folding manual wheelchair. One handle releases the lift for nearly effortless loading and unloading of manual wheelchairs weighing up to 100 pounds.

ts innovative tilting joint makes rolling the wheelchair on and off fast and easy. The Tilt-N-Tote's compact size and efficient design allows this lift to fold down for tail/lift gate access and fold up when not in use.


  • Carries manual wheelchairs
  • Tilting joint for roll-on ease
  • Unique, adjustable hold-down arm
  • Folds down to allow access to tail and lift gate
  • No wheelchair modifications necessary
  • Folds up when not in use


  • Model number: AL003
  • Capacity: 100 lbs (45 kgs)
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Powered Lift: No
  • Manual Fold: Yes
  • Hitch Height: 5" to 18"
  • Hitch Class: I, II, III or Ball Mount
  • Swing Away Available: No

The Harmar Mobility warranty is the simplest in the industry, a 3-Year Fully Transferable Warranty. If the product changes hands, the remainder of the warranty transfers to the new owner. Other manufacturers offer a warranty only on the original owner's usage, but Harmar warrants the product itself.

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