Guldmann GH1 Ceiling Lift

Guldmann GH1 Ceiling Lift

The new GH1 ceiling lift system from Guldmann is designed to meet the full range of day-to-day lifting needs in private homes, sheltered housing and care homes. It takes up very little space, and is very easy to use with the full range of Guldmann lifting slings and other lifting accessories.

The GH1 ceiling track system is a permanently mounted system where the motor/lift unit is mounted on the ceiling track and can not be removed or transferred to another track.

Track Types

The GH1 ceiling lift system can be configured with three different track systems.

  1. Ceiling mounted track - the GH1 system can be used with the conventional ceiling mounted track systems
  2. Wall mounted track - In situations where the ceiling cannot have track mounted to it or to simplify the installation the wall mounted system is available.
  3. Free standing track - the GH1 track can be mounted on a free standing frame for situations where the lift is only needed for short periods of time. (set up and disassembly takes about 10 minutes)

GH1 Lift Features

The GH1 lifting module quickly and safely lifts users weighing as much as 205 kg (450 lbs), operated by an easy-to-use hand control.

The lifting module is quickly recharged by placing the hand control in the GH1 recharging dock. A fully charged lifting module can cope with more than 55 lifts of 85 kg.

Both the GH1 lifting module and the rail systems blend easily into the décor of any space in which they are used. The lifting module is delivered with a choice of 4 different covers as standard.

Lift accessories and Slings

Guldmann offers a wide range of lift accessories and slings to meet the needs of it users. For more information on lift accessories and slings please visit the Guldmann web site.

More Information

For more information on this and other Guldmann ceiling lift systems
please visit the guldmann web site at: www.guldmann.net/

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